Fire Always Burns by Krista Lakes

Fire always burns. Three friends just have to make sure that it doesn’t burn them.
Holly managed to escape the boring mountain town where she was born by going to college. However, she found herself having too many wild nights and too many mornings of waking up in unfamiliar beds to keep her scholarship. Now that’s she’s back in Conifer, she has no idea what she is going to do with her life and no hope for the future.
Luke’s little brother is miserable after being shuffled away from his friends and family after his parents’ bitter divorce. Luke feels helpless, and he will do anything it takes to bring his little brother home where he belongs.
Andrew’s father died a couple years ago in an electrical accident, leaving him to care for his distraught mother. More than anything, he wants to move on and escape this small town to follow his dreams, but his mother would be lost without someone to take care of her.
When these three friends reconnect, Holly comes up with a plan, a plan that will change all their lives for the better. She knows that to start a fire, all it takes is a spark. However, as the sparks ignite and begin to burn, she realizes that she may have stood too close to the flame, and the torch she carries for Andrew burns brighter than ever.
Will Holly manage to rekindle old loves, or will the destructive fire in their hearts consume everything they hold dear?
**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.
*   *   *
Excerpt:His lips were soft and inviting. He kissed me back, deeper this time, a passion stirring within me.

“Your aunt is working tonight, right?” I whispered, a naughty grin spreading across my face.

“She isn’t supposed to be home until eight,” he answered slowly, my grin mirroring on his face.

“Then kiss me again,” I whispered.

“Gladly,” he replied, his voice gaining a husky quality. He kissed me, our lips meeting and merging, tasting one another. He gently bit my lower lip, making me moan softly. His kisses flowed down my neck, stopping to nibble on the curve of my shoulder. My body temperature was rising, a primitive need beginning to take control.

I grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt, pulling it up over his head. He wiggled out of it, tossing it to the side as I ran my fingers down his front. His muscles hardened under my hand, as he kissed my shoulders and neck. He nuzzled the strap of my tank top, pushing it until my shoulder lay exposed in the moonlight. He bit it gently, sending a thrill through me. His hand crept up the soft fabric, cupping my breast in his hand through the thin material. My nipple beaded into a tight point as his fingertips caught it, and he let out a chuckle.

With his opposite hand he pushed the other strap of my shoulder, his thumb gently rubbing against my nipple. A low moan escaped my lips, and I could feel him smile. He let go of me for just an instant, pulling my tank top up over my head. Moonlight caught the curves of his shoulders and highlighted the grin on his face. I lay back slowly, feeling his eyes absorbing me.

With touches lighter than feathers, he slowly traced his fingers across my collarbone and along the curves of my breasts. My breath caught in my throat as he traced gentle designs across my skin. He chuckled again, a sound that made me dampen with excitement. Keeping his fingers gently caressing the tender edge of my far breast, he bent down and took the other in his mouth.

I arched my back as he flicked his tongue against my nipple, waves of heat rolling through me. His suckled gently, still teasing me with his fingers as his hand crept lower and lower. His fingertips brushed my bellybutton and crept down to the elastic waistband of my pajama shorts. I tensed for a moment as he slid under the band and pushed his fingers against me.

He pushed gently at my panties, his fingers navigating to find me pleasure. In less than a heartbeat he began stroking across the fabric, teasing the part of me that was throbbing with need. He made slow constant circles with his thumb, his tongue still flicking against my nipple. I could feel my legs begin to twitch, my core vibrating with need.

He stopped and sat up, pulling his hand up and out. I groaned with need, which he answered with a short laugh. “Just wait a second,” he said, his voice husky. He tugged gently on my shorts, pulling them low on my hips. I happily raised them, allowing him to slide them off. He was gentle as he maneuvered them across the bulky cast. I bit my lip, watching the way his muscles rippled in the moonlight. He grinned impishly, and pulled on my panties, tossing them on top of my shorts.

I lay bare in the moonlight, ready for his touch. He put his thumb against my clit again, slowly starting his circles. A gentle finger parted my folds and navigated towards my opening. With wonderful slowness, he pushed it inside, and the slowly out again. I arched my hips, begging him silently to fill me again. He rocked his fingers in and out, his thumb never stopping its slow circles. My entire being began to quake, desire and pleasure threatening to overwhelm me. Bliss rolled through me like a wave crashing into the shore. For a glorious moment, I was floating on a sea of joy and sensation; colors washed through me and I forgot to breathe.

He slowly withdrew his hand as my lungs began to work again. A wonderful sense of relief filled me, but an ache for more replaced it. I opened my eyes, and looked up into Andrew’s. He could see the need within me, his eyes shining with need of his own. He stood and slipped out of his shorts and boxers, his member already hard and erect.

*   *   *

Alligator-1Krista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing. She can’t get enough about writing about love, sex, and romance. She loves aquatic life and running marathons. She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy.
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