Hound Dog by Deliza Rafferty


In “Hound Dog,” Volume 4 of the Savannah Rossi Chronicles, Savannah lands a major studio gig with one of the music industry’s hottest songwriter/producers. However, she is blindsided when she shows up to the job to find that the only man she ever gave her heart to – the one who also demolished it several years prior – is the sound engineer on the recording sessions. As painful memories are revisited, Savannah and Jax struggle to behave professionally in spite of the deep-seated hatred and intense desire they still hold for each other. Time does not necessarily heal all wounds – and new ones can still be inflicted…

The “Savannah Rossi Chronicles” follow the steamy adventures of sexy, independent, musically-gifted singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi, who is teetering on the verge of national success. This is no spoiled brat pop princess looking to be saved. Confident, driven, intelligent and unabashed in her sexuality, Savannah has created her own success and enjoys a vibrant sex life on her own terms with men of her choosing. Is it possible that any one man could tame such an independent free spirit? Who says she even needs to be tamed? Follow Savannah’s journey to find out.

*Contains graphic sexual content, language and mild violence.*


Deliza Rafferty is a new erotic romance writer (spicier than traditional romance without hardcore BDSM – always hot, sometimes humorous!) located in Hollywood. “Deliza” means “gives pleasure” and “Rafferty” means “rich and prosperous.” With a name like that, what else could she do? Well…legally, anyway?

Rafferty has written all sorts of stories, poems and songs for personal enjoyment since she was a little girl, but has been writing “dirty dramas” secretly since her first real kiss in middle school. She’s spent most of her “real” career in the music business and draws from her unique first hand experience to bring to life her current series, The Savannah Rossi Chronicles. She is venturing into sharing her musings publicly for the very first time and is excited that modern day technology allows her to do it at her leisure and maintain control of her work.

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At the tender age of seventeen Savannah had answered an ad in Music Connection magazine for a band needing a backup singer.  An incredibly voluptuous girl from an early age, she had been getting hit on by much older boys for years already.  So she lied about her age and auditioned, knowing they’d never be the wiser unless she said something.  Her triple threat of true talent, raven-haired beauty and prematurely rocking body landed her the gig on the spot.

It also landed her the smoking hot lead guitar player.  Jax was six years her senior and had no idea she was under age till long after it was too late.  In a matter of weeks Savannah had fallen madly in love.  At the time, she had been positive he felt the same for her, because he could hardly keep his hands off her when they were alone.  While she wasn’t the most innocent of high school girls, lusty since she hit puberty and having acted upon many a curiosity already, she had still treasured her virginity and guarded it for her first true love – or at least until she found someone she trusted and to whom she wouldn’t regret giving it.  She had never experienced such base carnal urgings before she met Jax.  It never occurred to her that the reason was not just because he was so hot, but possibly because he wasn’t an inexperienced high school boy like the ones Savannah had willingly experimented with previously.  A few years experience set Jax crucially apart.  However, at heart Savannah was still just an innocent seventeen year old girl who was hopelessly smitten and dreamed of happily ever after.

It wasn’t long before she decided to give Jax her virginity, which he unceremoniously took one night after a gig in one of the green rooms of The Roxy on the Sunset Strip.  They’d flirted shamefully on the stage with each other that night and when the gig was over they could barely get back to the green room fast enough.  They’d rushed, tearing at each others’ clothes in a frenzy; a tangle of glittered hair, hungry mouths, probing tongues and grasping hands.  When he breathlessly exclaimed that he couldn’t stand to wait another minute to get inside of her; when instead of pulling her stockings down he’d impatiently ripped open a hole in the crotch and jerked aside her panties; when she’d felt the large, smooth head of the first disturbingly hard cock that would ever nestle at the mouth of her pussy, she couldn’t tell him no before he’d gone and thrust himself full on into her.  She’d screeched with the pain as he barreled through her hymen.  He got in three solid thrusts before he realized what was actually happening.

He stopped abruptly, still inside her, his expression panicked.  “Jesus, why didn’t you tell me, Sav?”

She gritted her teeth against the foreign, glutted feeling of that thing ripping her apart from the inside and tried to blink back the tears that had welled up in her emerald eyes.  She only succeeded in sending them rolling down her cheeks.  On a heartbreakingly quiet sob she answered, “You…never asked.”

The panic in Jax’s face turned to incredulity, but then softened.  To his credit, he said softly, “Shit Sav, this isn’t how it should’ve been for you.  We can stop-”

“No!” she yelped, tightening her legs around his waist, ignoring the searing pain.  “I want this.  I want it to be you.”  Then she blurted, “I love you.”

She couldn’t read the expression she saw on his face then, because she’d never seen it before.  He just looked at her with those spectral eyes that were certainly not blue, but neither were they truly brown, green, gray, nor even hazel.  They reminded Savannah of a piece of amber she’d seen as a little girl in her older sister’s jewelry box that seemed to change depending on how light reflected through it.  Whatever color his eyes were, she always found herself spellbound by them.

“Say something,” she whispered.

After an awkward moment, “Are you sure you want to keep going?” was what he said.

Even though Savannah’s heart sank and her gut screamed in alarm that he hadn’t said, “I love you, too,” she bit her lip and nodded.

So he finished fucking her on the very same couch upon which, six months later, Savannah would find him doing the same to the other backup singer in their band.  She never returned to the band after the horrible night she discovered them.  She never even bothered to call their manager and officially quit.  Jax never called her again, either.  It was simply…over.

Jax Taylor was the first man Savannah had ever given her heart to and he was the first to destroy it.  He was also the last, since she’d never dared to open her heart up to any man like that again.