Vegas Knights by Marina Maddox

After a passionate public encounter with a mysterious and very sexy biker, big girl Kelly Saunders finds herself on the ride of her life. Her ‘Knight on shining armor’ — Rick Knight, billionaire heir to a motorcycle legacy — whisks her away from her soul-sucking corporate job to Las Vegas, where she finds the road to love is treacherous.

As urgent business matters demand more and more of Rick’s attention, Kelly is left to wonder about the future of their relationship. A ruthless betrayal throws her life into turmoil, and a devastating discovery threatens to pull them apart. Is their love just so much Vegas glitter or is it strong enough to survive beyond the dazzling lights of Sin City?

*   *   *

They sat entwined under the stars, swaying slightly with the rhythm of their own bodies. Rick’s hands moved slowly from her hair down her back. Shivers of anticipation rippled through Kelly. They were going to make love under the stars. It had always been a fantasy of hers but she’d never imagined it would come true. But a lot of things she’d never imagined were happening lately.

Feeling the need to show him she wasn’t some precious flower that needed tending and special care, that she was an independent woman, Kelly took control. His eyes never left her body as she moved to stand over him, legs spread, hands on her hips.

“Strip.” The single word brought a knowing smirk to Rick’s face. Without a word, and still never taking his eyes from her, he eased his off his jacket, throwing it aside. His gaze was positively smoldering as he loosened his tie and started to pull it over his head.

“Leave it.” Kelly commanded on impulse. His hands paused, then dropped to the front of his charcoal Armani button-down, his eyes burning into her flesh like a brand. His fingers worked slowly, deliberately, intensifying her need for him. But she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her impatience. Cocking her hip, she let him tease her with his leisurely pace.

When the shirt was lying atop the leather jacket, he looked up expectantly, awaiting her next instruction. When she nodded toward his pants, triumph flashed across his face. She realized her mistake as he moved to stand. Once on his feet, he would tower over her, emphasizing her vulnerability and his dominance.

“On second thought, scratch that.” One of his eyebrows shot up, and a look of exasperation took the place of triumph. She knew the score and she wasn’t going to give him an advantage if she could help it. He leaned back on his elbows — shirtless and irresistible — and studied her.

She couldn’t afford to make a misstep or show any hesitation. This had become less of a game for her and more of a demand for equality in this relationship. He may be rich, but that didn’t mean he was in control here. Either he accepted that they were in this together, as equal partners, or he would be taught that lesson. Of course, she suspected that would be a lesson he might enjoy learning.

Instead of kneeling down to undo his pants, Kelly reached back to unzip her dress. The silk tickled her skin as it shimmered around her bare shoulders. She let one side slid down her arm enough to let Rick see there was no bra strap. She’d been irritated that her bra hadn’t dried by the time she got dressed for dinner, but now she was happy it hadn’t. Her nipples tightened at the silk’s touch, making it even more evident the ‘girls’ were on the loose.

Rick’s eyes widened as they fixated on her breasts. She caught movement in his pants and slow smile graced her lips. He’d be begging for it very soon.

Kelly whipped her soft curls around, Charlie’s Angels-style, distracting Rick, pulling his dazed eyes up to meet her own. Her tongue peeked out from between her lips, moistening them. Biting her lower lip, she let her gaze follow her hands as they slid up her waist to just under her breasts. She glanced at Rick from beneath her lashes, but he didn’t notice. He was too occupied by what she might do next.

Each hand lazily kneaded a mound, scooping and sliding and cupping. Kelly tipped her head back, her locks flowing away down her back, as her hands worked. She took each nipple between her index fingers and thumbs and tugged. She wasn’t sure if the gasp she heard had come from her or Rick. There was no denying the sensation was wonderful, but what was really causing the dampness to flow between her legs was knowing what her little show was doing to him.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, then sucked in air between her teeth.

A rustle from the blanket caught her attention. Rick was moving to unbuckle his belt to give himself room to grow. “Did I say you could do that?” she asked sharply.

His hands stopped and he looked up at her, pleading. She slid one hand up her chest, allowing her breast to jiggle and bounce freely under the silk, and slipped her fingertip between her teeth. Lightly biting it while peering at him from beneath her lashes, she shook her head slowly.

Rick growled in frustration but leaned back on his elbows, no trace of his trademark cocky smirk. Kelly’s gaze traveled easily down his chest and abs to the bulge in his pants. It pulsed defiantly as her gaze settled on it. One side of her mouth tilted into a wicked smile. ‘We’ll see about that,’ she thought.

*   *   *

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Marina Maddix is a romantic at heart, but hates closing the bedroom door on her readers. Her stories are sweet, with just enough spice to make your mother blush. She lives with her husband and cat near the Pacific Ocean, and loves to hear from her fans. Connect with her by email, on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or her website

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