A Bride for Seven Brothers #1 & #2 by Maria Garcia

BrideforSEVEN#1and2COVER-1Grumpy smiled the light and shadow of early afternoon playing across his handsome face.
“No, Ruby, I’m telling you I know what it’s like to be adrift and not know it.” He walked on quickening his pace so that Ruby had to practically run to catch up. She wanted to stamp her feet and shout and scream at the top of her voice. Sanctimonious bastard! He was just like her father had been, offering opinions and advice when it was not wanted or needed. Ruby wanted to remain angry but it was tough, particularly when he took off his shirt and grinned at her his sparkling blue eyes sending hot-wired shots of lust through her cunt that now practically hummed with need.
“You are welcome to stay with us as long as you wish but if you are going to live with us you need to earn your keep.”
Ruby wanted to holler and cheer. Oh she’d do that all right. She practically rocked with excitement her mind already at work picturing the hot fucks she would have with these gloriously hunky men and their large fine cocks. She would do her utmost to ensure they remained satisfied. They could fuck her whenever and however; she was up for it!
“So here you go.”
Grumpy handed her a basket then positioned a short ladder against one of the numerous trees.
Confusion cut through the thick weight of desire that had stung her nipples to an unbearable aching tenderness and moistened her pussy to a slick wetness.
Ruby stared at the items then into the devastatingly attractive face of the man before her.
“And what are these for?”
“Ruby, this is our small orchard, Hap uses the apples we grow here to make cider, apple pie, crumble and much more … but the apples must first be plucked from the tree.”

*   *   *

Author Bio: I began writing literary fiction years ago, officially I have an agent and continue to pursue this line of writing but I got bored: The result, A Bride For Seven Brothers (And no, my agent has no idea of this alter ego as Maria Garcia LOL!) I don’t think she’d mind though!

The idea for Brides started where all the best ideas begin: With Alcohol and What If? The results is Brides#1 that led to Brides#2 and now I’m on Brides#3 hopefully to be published in @3weeks. I hope to end the series for now at least at #5 stories but we will see. Brides is very much an erotic story and this is what drives the storyline but I hope to show that as the naughty tales continue that Ruby and her men provide an entertaining and more satisfying complex mix of sexy and narrative twists.

I didn’t actually expect it to sell. The free promo on Amazon was interesting, over 1,000 downloads in three days. Sales flat lined after this freebie and have now begun to steadily increase. I am always amazed and gratified when someone buys one of the stories.
I love writing and each day I surprise myself with exactly what I write.
Right now the best place to be is with Ruby and her Seven Hunky Guys.

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A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2

Maria Garcia (Angry Women Series)Ó

The Moral Right Of The Author Is Asserted

(Warning: Sexually Explicit)

A Walk Through The Woods

Ruby showered quickly dressing in jeans and a loose cotton shirt then left the house preferring to take her time on foot rather than use one of the many small trucks that littered the yard.  She turned towards the deep dark woods; not one of her men was about and for the first time ever of this Ruby felt a cool wave of relief.

Walking would give her the time she so desperately needed to gather her thoughts. Here in The Woods surrounded by the cool cover of trees and the call of birdsong Ruby felt closer to Hap. But try as she might she could not understand why he would want to leave his brothers or her. He had seemed so happy. Of all of the brothers he had appeared the most content and grounded. Ruby swallowed a sigh aware that she was once more creeping ever closer to a fit of tears when she had promised herself that she would be strong but the hurt was so raw she could not imagine a time when she would ever heal and get over Hap’s disappearance. And though she’d never admit it to a soul of all the guys he held the tender most spot in her heart and her cunt. It had been Hap who had discovered her some six months ago in this very same deep dark wood. He had been the first of the seven brothers she had given herself to kneeling down amidst the flowers and grass to suck his big beautiful cock.  And unlike the others Happy Hermanos was just as content to speak of woodland plants and exotic mushrooms, as he was to fuck her senseless. Ruby remembered many a frustrating yet sweet night he’d hugged her close while talking her through the intricacies of making the perfect soufflé when all she’d seriously longed for was his hot tongue on her clit working her up to a creamy frenzy.  There was no getting away from it; Hap was different, she loved him, she missed him, she wanted him home where he belonged, deep in the rolling hot swell of her pussy.

Ruby kicked at the grass unable to shake the unease that stole through her heart. In a perverse way she prayed that he had run away; preferring this to the mental image that raced repeatedly through her mind of Hap trapped somewhere alone and afraid.  Of course it was a crazy notion, he was a grown man who’d made his own life choices; that of cutting free and going his own way.  He was safe and well, he had to be but still …

“Mushroom raga with polenta; jambalaya with shrimp; chicken paprika.”

Mrs Hernandez appraised the list in Ruby’s hands seriously impressed. “My you are treating those men well! Grumpy is a very lucky man to be marrying you.”

The old woman declared pushing her thick lenses back up her face and smiling widely. “Now, we just have to find six lovely ladies for the other six boys.”

Mrs Hernandez’s words filled the small village store, resonating deep inside Ruby’s heart.  Ruby kept the polite smile on her lips her fingers tightening into fists with the effort not to loose it. Agreeing to marry Grumpy had opened up a world of contention among her men but she could hardly marry all seven brothers! Legally that could never be so they’d opted for the safest road.  She would marry the oldest: Grumpy. A sound idea until Hap had vanished.  His disappearance seemed to have been the catalyst to her current predicament; ruptures had begun, grown deeper and bleaker with each passing day.

“Now let’s see here …. You’ll need green peppers, paprika obviously, then there’s chicken pieces, mushrooms, Parmesan, cheese …”

“Lotty, it’s fine. I’ll finish up here, you go home.”

Mrs Hernandez looked up from her task. “Are you sure dear?”

Eva Thomas grinned white teeth flashing against tanned skin. “Yes; it’s nearly time to close up anyway, now you go I will see you tomorrow.”

Mrs Hernandez smiled with pleasure taking off her apron and grabbing her purse. “Ok then; maybe I can get home in time to catch that new Telenovela; bueno, hasta mañana carino!”

Ruby stood with Eva at the shop-front window watching the elderly woman walk down the path and head home.

“She is an absolute darling but pretty weak on her feet: I just don’t have the heart to lay her off. She loves chatting to the customers and she’s an absolute fountain of information when it comes to local gossip.” Said Eva her tall agile body reaching up to get cans of produce from the shelves. “Now where were we? Oh okay, so you still need some shrimps, chopped thyme, celery …”

Ruby watched Eva; there was a fluid grace to her movements as her jet black hair swept her tight backside in a way that made Ruby green with envy.

“That’s it.  I think we have it all now.” Brown eyes swept over Ruby as Eva handed the shopping list back. “It’s been a slow day, very few customers; what with the heat and the new big supermarket over at Bider Ford.”

“Are you worried about losing business?”

Eva shrugged a tight smile caressing her full lips.  “A little but the location of my store means that it’s still easier for people to come here than make the long hike into town. I’ll just have to be more astute with my pricing that’s all.”

Eva’s eyes narrowed, as she examined the wary tightness that suddenly consumed Ruby’s sexy face understanding dawning.  “More came?” She whispered.

Ruby biting the undercarriage of her lip nodded, her heart pounding out its own song that spoke of alarm and a growing dread. “It’s always the same, red ink, nasty words …”

“Why won’t you let me see them?” There was a note of deep frustration in Eva’s voice that cut Ruby to the quick.

“I don’t see what difference that would make, you seeing them, but I did keep the most recent one, it came today.”

Eva wordlessly took the scrap of paper; the lurid blood red of the calligraphy seeming to shine ever brighter against the afternoon light that came through the store windows.  “Who ever is doing this is an absolute monster, …” She whispered.

“I think its Mathew.”

“But how can that be.  Your marriage to that man was annulled.  Grumpy and the boys saw to that right?”

“Yes, but you don’t understand.  Mathew Marshall likes to get his way.  He wanted me so he could get my father’s company.”

“But the settlement carved out by Dopey and Sneezy meant that he got a controlling interest in the company, a restoration of the pension rights to the workers and a financial settlement that compensated for the shit he put you through. The company managed to survive and is doing well so … what more can the man want!”

“Me.” Said Ruby simply.

“But this was never about you.”

“Yes it was.  He never loved me, he made that very clear but like I said, Marshall is a man that likes to get his way.  I was part of the package. A trophy he was going to walk around with on his arm.”

Eva’s face reflected both horror and distaste. “Well, that’s just sick.”

“I don’t have the heart to tell the boys.  They have worked so hard to get me away from him and free of all the stuff that Marshall brought … I’m seriously afraid of what they’ll do if they find out he’s started sending these notes.”

“But you have to do something.”

“Yes but I don’t know what …”

“And what about Hap, is there any news?”


“Those brothers still insisting he went off of his own free will?”

“Yes but I can feel it in my heart, Eva.  They are wrong.  The longer he’s away the stronger is my sense that something really bad has happened and try as I might I just can’t shake it.”

“I wish I could do more to help.” Eva’s gaze was pained, the concern in her eyes piercingly strong.”

Ruby sighed a small smile shadowing her ripe lips.  “Being able to talk to you is more than enough.  This is stuff I just can’t say out loud to anyone else.  I feel that I can be my true self with you.”

Ruby paid what she owed and Eva dug her hands in her pocket taking out her keys to lock up but Ruby could wait no longer. Grabbing a fistful of jet hair Ruby pulled Eva to her a delicious shiver racing through her cunt as she kissed Eva with a passion that left her breathless.  Coming up for air Eva nodded with approval her long fingers sneaking beneath Ruby’s shirt to cup her breasts, her voice sultry and full of approval.  “You smell of men and sex.”

Ensuring the store was locked Eva turned her attention back to Ruby a wide hungry light in her brown eyes.