A Bride for Seven Brothers #1 by Maria Garcia

A Bride for Seven Brothers by Maria GarciaRuby is on a road to nowhere; her wedding gown is torn and discoloured, her bouquet long past its bloom and her heels are a sight for sore eyes.
It’s clear she is on the run; the question remains from whom.



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Author Bio: I began writing literary fiction years ago, officially I have an agent and continue to pursue this line of writing but I got bored: The result, A Bride For Seven Brothers (And no, my agent has no idea of this alter ego as Maria Garcia LOL!) I don’t think she’d mind though!

The idea for Brides started where all the best ideas begin: With Alcohol and What If? The results is Brides#1 that led to Brides#2 and now I’m on Brides#3 hopefully to be published in @3weeks.  I hope to end the series for now at least at #5 stories but we will see. Brides is very much an erotic story and this is what drives the storyline but I hope to show that as the naughty tales continue that Ruby and her men provide an entertaining and more satisfying complex mix of sexy and narrative twists.

I didn’t actually expect it to sell. The free promo on Amazon was interesting, over 1,000 downloads in three days. Sales flat lined after this freebie and have now begun to steadily increase.  I am always amazed and gratified when someone buys one of the stories.
I love writing and each day I surprise myself with exactly what I write.
Right now the best place to be is with Ruby and her Seven Hunky Guys.

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A Bride For Seven Brothers #1 Excerpt:

Maria Garcia (Angry Women Series)

The Moral Right Of The Author Is Asserted

(Warning: Sexually Explicit)

There was not a soul in sight.  The road was as narrow as it was long.  Ruby swearing under her breath took off her heels; the pearly white satin had turned a dishwater grey, in disgust she flung the shoes into the bushes.  Her eyes fell to her clothing; the wedding gown she had paid a King’s ransom to possess now clung to her body wet and discoloured and as for the train and veil; pure silk with embedded pearls layered with sparkling pink and blue Diamante; Ruby closed her eyes and shivered beside herself with grief and growing despair.

“Ms, do you need some help?” The man was blonde and incredibly tall, in one hand he held some kind of basket his other hand was full of dirt and leaves.

Ruby bit back her natural retort that would have included a curse and a suggestion that he go play inappropriately with a part of his anatomy.  But everything was different now, she was a long way from home she cautioned herself biting her tongue, and this was the first friendly face she had seen in days.  The last thing she wanted to do was antagonize her only possible means of escape.  Ruby took a step forward getting a closer look at the man before her.  There was no doubting his good looks or his physique.  He possessed the kind of body that Mathew spent hours and an absolute fortune on a Personal Trainer in the quest to acquire.  The thought of Mathew brought a tightening to her heart; a lowering still further of her depleted spirits.  Mentally she tried to pull herself together while struggling to kill a small insistent voice in her head that whispered she must look a sight with her chapped and broken nails and uncombed hair, surely the roots had grown back thick and fast by now exposing her true hue of mousy brown rather than the cherry blond she had convinced the world she naturally was.

“Ms, please you are obviously in some kind of distress.”

Tears had always come naturally to Ruby; all she had to do was think about something vaguely sad. The trick worked every time, distress always brought out the sense of the heroic in a man. Laying on a slow tearful hysteria Ruby let the days old wedding bouquet slip from her hands.  “Thank god you found me!” She covered her face with trembling hands, her step faltering as though at any moment she might faint.

It was enough.  He ran to her dropping the basket and the leaves.  He smelt clean and fresh, like lost summer days and the ocean was the thought that slipped into Ruby’s head as she settled against his strong firm arms.

“It’s all right. You are safe now.”

He had amazing eyes; a bright sky blue that settled on her with startled concern.

“Let’s get you some place safe.  Your family must be out of their minds with worry.”  He took her hand.  Ruby felt the solid reassuring heat of his touch.  She swallowed but her throat was suddenly intensely dry.

“Please don’t send me back, I’m begging you!”

She rapped her fingers around his hand, squeezed tightly.  “He can’t find me, there is no telling what he will do if he does.” She whispered as though The Great Wood that surrounded them might hear her.


Ruby released a loud sob that shook her body. “We were supposed to be getting married and …” She left it at that, her words trailing off into another fit of tears.

“I am so sorry.” The young man’s voice broke with emotion. He appeared so gentle and sincere.  “But I promise no harm will come to you here, this wood stretches for miles; it and all the land beyond belongs to my family. Private land you see and we are pretty isolated, no TV or Internet, rarely even play the radio to be truthful. Life is pretty simple up here.”

Ruby listened and heard ‘somewhere to hide for a while’ and ‘the opportunity to reinvent myself.’ What could be better?

“I would be really grateful if I could stay with you for a while, just until I sort myself out and get back on my feet.”

The young man grinned his eyes sparkling a sea grass blue. “My family call me, Hap and I’m sure that will be fine.”  He opened his mouth to speak further but fell silent as he watched the beautiful woman despite the distressed state of her dress do something entirely unexpected. She was still talking her sweet voice lyrical and light but it was the activity of her hands that held him captive at that moment.

“Of course I will repay you for your kindness and I mean to start now.”

Ruby fell to her knees, with light fingers well accustomed to this particular task she began to unbuckle Hap’s belt, with a sharp tug she pulled his pants down, licking her lips in anticipation.  It had been weeks since she had sucked cock and this was a fine sized example of manhood.

“What are you doing?” The young man’s face reflected wide-eyed surprise.

What was wrong with him thought Ruby … he should be flattered.  Her fingers slipped around his growing shaft.  He was definitely aroused. He took a step back; Ruby wrapped her pink lips around his cock before he could take another step away.  With satisfaction she felt him harden the head of his penis bouncing against the roof of her mouth.  She sucked vigorously her tongue flicking back and forth along his long member while her hands caressed his tight backside.

On her knees in the dirt Ruby looked up into Hap’s eyes aware that her cunt was growing increasingly wet.  He was watching her totally mesmerized, his lips slightly parted, ragged gasps escaped his mouth as she sucked his cock harder, opened her mouth wider to take more of him her head pushing back and forth as she guided him deeper.  She felt the beginnings of pre cum sweet to the tongue in her mouth. Ruby concentrated on the sensation of his hard throbbing cock sliding deeper into her throat all the while conscious of his hands, gentle tentative at first, then a harsher weight to his touch as his fingers roamed through her tangled hair holding her with a firmness that matched his thrusts, savage and fast as his arousal increased.

Ruby moaned in encouragement, her fingers travelling to his balls, tapping out a light playful caress as Hap’s thrusts picked up a pace, shifted from deep penetrating fucks to a hard pounding hammering into her wet accepting mouth each thrust bringing him closer to climax; Hap let out a cry of release; it was being in the woods, the sexy disorder of this woman and the natural way she had fallen to her knees in her tattered and torn wedding gown and sucked his cock …

Ruby tasted him, felt him spasm against a guttural roar that filled the air as his cum smacked against her mouth and slid down her throat. Satisfied she sat back appraising him, her cunt soaking wet with need her nipples bone hard.  He was as good as hers now.  She could see it in the dreamy set of his blue eyes, the shy awestruck stance of his body as he pulled up his pants and gazed at her.

She was desperate for more cock but that could wait. The most important thing was that now he would shield her and keep her safe.


“So exactly how much of this land is yours, Hap?”

“As far as the eye can see and beyond that.” Bending down, Hap collected the basket and its contents that earlier in his haste to help Ruby had fallen to the ground; his movements were graceful, swift and efficient.

Ruby motioned to his task. “And what’s with the dirt, grass and that quaint little basket?”

“This?” Hap rubbed his jaw a light smile playing against his lips.  “I like to cook and I regularly come out here to collect herbs and mushrooms.”

“Really, you like to cook.”

He laughed, a light playfulness in his eyes. Ruby followed him out of the dense wood and towards a clearing.

“Well I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy who actually enjoyed cooking to the extent that he collected his own herbs.

Hap shook his head his smile broadening to a grin. “Well then you obviously haven’t met the right guy.”

Ruby nodded her green eyes dancing as she twisted a lock of hair between finger and thumb. “Yes you’re probably right, by the way my name is, Ruby.”  She cleared her throat and worked hard at appearing slightly embarrassed as she gazed at Hap beneath her lashes.  “I should have introduced myself earlier but we were a little caught up to do formal introductions.”

Hap coloured but maintained eye contact. “Well, that’s a lovely name.”

“Thank you.” Ruby wondered whether Hap was too nice to be true, he didn’t seem to have a mean bone in that muscular frame of his.

“Here, mind how you go, we’re nearly there.”

‘There’ turned out to be a small grit covered space where a large beaten up truck was parked.

“Ruby seems like some real bad stuff happened to you and I’m just glad I’m able to help.” Said Hap walking towards the truck. “Anyhow let me introduce you to the others and we’ll be on our way.”

Ruby’s steps faltered. “Others?”

“Hey guys, this here is Ruby.”

Seven pairs of eyes in various shades of blue gazed back at Ruby whose only thought at that moment was, “oh shit.”