Blue Moon House – Kitten by Angelica Dawson


Jocelyn considers herself sexually experienced, a leader and manipulator. She is looking for the next challenge. The rumors surrounding Blue Moon House sound like just the thing she’s looking for. Losing her roommate to marriage, she also needs a new place to stay. Hoping to find both in the same entity, she follows the rumors to their source and finds much more than she bargained for, beginning with a discovery that defies her biological science background – vampires.



*   *   *


Daisy brushed Jocelyn’s cheek. She’d hesitated on accepting Bernard’s proposal for the sake of her friend, but Jocelyn had understood the opportunity. It would be so easy for the pair to turn something tawdry into something legitimate, something with permanence. She wanted that for her friend, just not for herself. She would miss Daisy, just as she missed Beryl and Jacob and Jed and…She’d said goodbye to a lot of friends over the years. Jocelyn wasn’t afraid of being alone. She had an endless list of acquaintances to tap for new friendships. She was a little worried about keeping the apartment by herself. Fortunately, she had all summer to find a new place or someone new to share this one.

After effectively killing the mood, Daisy hustled Bernard out. Then she came and pulled Jocelyn up on the settee atop her, running her fingers over Jocelyn’s pale skin. She brushed Jocelyn’s blond hair back from her shoulders to kiss one. “Are you going to tell me any more?” she asked, kissing her way down Jocelyn’s back while her fingers traced lines along ribs and belly.

“I can’t,” Jocelyn admitted, turning to kiss Daisy and play her fingers across the other woman’s chest. “Apparently no one in Blue Moon House is supposed to let anyone outside know about it. I was sworn to secrecy today.”

Daisy let out a sigh of disappointment and pouted prettily. Jocelyn sucked the puffy pink lip into her mouth and grazed her teeth over it, sawing her legs between Daisy’s.

“I met one beautiful woman and saw a fine male specimen as well.”

Daisy laughed. “Do you ever think of us as more than specimens?”

It was Jocelyn’s turn to pout. “You think I don’t care about you?”

Daisy smiled and rubbed her nose along Jocelyn’s. At the same time she shifted her legs so that their pubic bones touched. “I didn’t mean that. I know you care, but you still look at me and see bones and veins and…” Daisy’s face turned sour and she shuddered. That movement rubbed along Jocelyn, her breasts and legs. She groaned very quietly.

“Yes, I do still see all those things. I see breasts where the nerves end right here.” She sucked one of Daisy’s dark nipples into her mouth, biting down lightly. “I know there are pockets of nerve endings all along here.” She ran her fingertips down Daisy’s spine making her arch and gasp. “And we both feel fantastical sensations here.” She shifted her weight, leaning off the settee and back to the other side so that her groin and Daisy’s met completely. She pulled apart the labia, rubbing herself against her friend, feeling how wet they both still were, how hot it made her.

*   *   *


Angelica Dawson is no stranger to blood sucking hordes. Unfortunately, in her day job as an environmental scientist, they aren’t vampires but black flies and mosquitoes. Angelica is the author of Blue Moon House, a vampire BDSM story. She has also contributed to two anthologies, Campus Sexploits 3 and Serviced Vol. 1.


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