At Her Service by Shayna Snow

AtHerServiceebook_coverSometimes it takes a force of nature…

Kyle Callahan thinks he has life all figured out. After a winning season on the university football team, he’s studied, partied, and slept with willing women. And not necessarily in that order. After graduation, he’ll cap off four years as an Army ROTC cadet by becoming a Second Lieutenant.

Sarah Morgan thought she was getting an engagement ring. Instead, she got dumped for another girl. After throwing herself a pity party, she decides to make the most of the remainder of the school year. With two job offers in hand, she can afford to have some fun.

When a crazy spring storm brings them together, their last weeks of school develop into a series of steamy encounters. But when Kyle steps into the role of hero, Sarah discovers her knight-in-camouflage has captured her heart.

But their mapped-put life plans didn’t include each other. With graduation around the corner, are they ready to be tied down?


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ShaynaBWBLUEcroppedShayna Snow lives in the Midwestern United States, enjoying the changes of seasons and the crazy weather extremes, from blizzards to heat waves. She’s addicted to coffee and her Kindle and is hard-pressed to find a reason to read anything other than romance.

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I’m going to die if Kyle doesn’t give me some relief in about zero point five seconds. His talented hands are all over my body, touching and shaping and kissing and sucking. Moisture pools between my legs and an ache starts deep in my womb.
He flexes his cock into my stomach and I stroke my hand over his denim-covered shaft. God, he’s huge. But my body is obviously ready, and he knows.
“You’re so wet for me, baby.” His fingers glide over the lace of my thong and dip beneath. I watch a sexy grin spread across his face as he strokes. “Bare,” he murmurs, pinching my nipple with his other hand. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier.” He slides his fingers to my pussy and rims my entrance.
I moan. “Such a tease.”
He drags his fingers through my slick folds to my clit and circles once. “No tease, baby. I’ll give you what you need.”
I writhe, desperate for his skin on mine. “I need you.” My fingers find his zipper and I pull down. His jeans drop from his narrow hips, leaving him in a pair of black boxer briefs that barely contains his huge erection. I grab him through the cotton and caress my way up.
He curses low and soft. “Shit, babe, you do that and I can’t wait to fuck you.”
“I don’t want you to wait.” I stroke him faster, then shove the briefs down.
His cock springs free, thick and heavy. It’s so big it juts straight out instead of up. I wrap one hand around the velvety steel and cup his balls with the other.
In a flash of movement, he grabs my hands and presses them to the door. He inches forward, nudging the tip of his cock between my thighs. Oh my god, so close.
“Sarah baby, I’m gonna fuck you hard and fast. Right up against this door. You ready for me?”
“Yes.” I try to wriggle, but there’s nowhere to go. My hands are trapped and if I move my hips, I get the torturing tease of his dick against my mound.
He releases me abruptly and reaches into the pocket of his jeans. He pulls out a foil packet, rips it open, and rolls the condom on. His hands go to my ass and he lifts. I wrap my legs around his hips and feel that thick shaft bump against my ass. He pins me against the door. Reaching down, I yank my thong to one side.
He rubs his cock along my folds and we both groan. “So wet and ready for me,” he grunts and positions himself at my entrance. I move a little to ease him in.
Inch by inch, he works his cock into my pussy. It’s been a while since I’ve had sex, so I’m tight, but my body stretches to accommodate him. “You feel so good,” I whisper. I’ve never taken a cock this big.