High by Zara Cox

HIGH COVERWelcome to The Indigo Lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen…

Flirty, dirty and utterly delicious, HIGH is the perfect next read for lovers of the internationally renowned This Man series from Jodi Ellen Malpas & Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series.

Zachary Savage is a man accustomed to getting whatever and whoever he wants. He’s buried his demons and risen from the ashes to become the playboy owner of the internationally renowned Indigo Lounge, a fleet of ultra-exclusive sky-high pleasure palaces.

He has everything he wants, until he sets eyes on Bethany Green. One look is all it takes ~ she has to be his.

Bethany Green has endured the worst year of her life; bad luck and heartbreak at every turn. Karma swings wildly in her favour when a money-can’t-buy golden ticket lands in her lap – an invitation to experience the scandalously sexy Indigo Lounge for herself.Green by name and green by nature, is she brave enough to accept the hottest ticket in town?One glimpse of Zachary Savage is enough to convince her that she isn’t cosmopolitan enough to play in his glamorous, sinfully sexy world. But they’re already in the air, and reality is a long way behind them. The only way is up.

The Indigo Lounge. Step aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.

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Bio: Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn’t until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone but her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara’s next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she’d love to hear your thoughts.

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“Welcome to The Indigo Lounge.”
His voice, like honeyed gravel, rough yet melodic, sent another wave of heat right through her.
Bethany had no trouble imagining it during sex, whispering hot, dirty things to her as he fucked her. God, he probably fucked like a goddamn champion.
What the hell had he said? Welcome?
“Umm…thank you.”
He finally broke his electric focus and nodded over to a spare desk. As if conjured up by magic, another blonde goddess appeared behind it.
This one seemed to have eyes only for the man in front of her. No surprise there. But the avid interest in the woman’s eyes made Bethany itch to wipe the smile from her face.
“Serena, can you check in Miss…?” He looked at her, one brow raised.
Bethany forced herself to focus. “Green. Bethany Green.”
His eyes gleamed, then his lashes swept down to shield his expression. He nodded and turned to Serena. “Check Miss Green in, and arrange for my bags to be moved, too. I’m joining this I.L. trip.”
Serena’s eyebrows hit her carefully arranged bangs. “You’re no longer heading to the West Coast?”
His nostrils flared slightly and his jaw protruded as if he was battling with himself. Finally, he smiled. “No, change of plan. Can I rely on you to arrange that, Serena?”
Of course he could. Serena’s simpering smile indicated Mr. Sex God could rely on her to arrange everything to suit him—including herself should the whim take him.
“Right away, sir.”
Sex God smiled. “Not quite right away, Serena. First, please deal with Miss Green.”
Stormy grey eyes locked onto her once more. There was something about him that was devastatingly powerful; Bethany had to force herself to look away, desperately willing her brain cells to track when Serena asked for her passport.
She handed it over, along with her copy of the Indigo Lounge agreement, which she’d signed in triplicate. All the while, the burn of his gaze silently branded her.
When Serena fake-smiled and handed back her passport, Bethany’s hand shook as she placed it in her purse. The force of his stare was that little bit too much.
“If you leave your bags right here, it will be taken onto the plane. Your hostess, Tracy, will be here in a moment to introduce you to your team and she’ll arrange the final search.”
Serena’s fake-smile stretched wider. “It’s our company policy to do a drugs search before our clients board. It’s right there in the agreement you signed. Mr. Savage’s rules about drug use on his planes are very strict.”
Bethany’s teeth ground together at the patronizing tone but she forced a smile. “Sure. If Mr. Savage insists.”
“He does,” Serena emphasized, casting another simpering look past her at the Sex God.
Bethany glanced over at him too and caught his faint look of amusement. But the moment their eyes met, amusement faded to be replaced by sizzling, possessive heat once more.
He shifted as if the same restless energy that prowled through her stormed through him. His fingers flexed then he jammed them into his back pockets. The movement stretched the material of his T-shirt over his powerful biceps, making her mouth water.
She struggled to rein in her reeling senses. She’d never felt like this before, not even with Chris—
Yeah…Chris. Not thinking about him right now!
“Allow me to escort you to your hostess,” the man said, rocking forward on his feet.
She wanted to ask him who he was, why he was taking an interest in her check-in. But words felt useless.
The chemistry between them was blatant enough, powerful enough, that words seemed superfluous.
Despite her floundering, despite the puzzlement as to why a man so sexy and gorgeous was watching her with such barely contained hunger, she couldn’t dismiss the bone-deep truth firing through body.
Bethany wanted to fuck him. Pure and simple.
Except there would be nothing pure or simple about it.
The jaded wariness she saw in his eyes didn’t detract from the raw sexual experience that lingered within the grey depths. Sex with this man would be insanely filthy; it would be nasty and sweaty. It would also be beautiful and complicated beyond words. She knew it as surely as she knew her name.
Without answering she nodded and fell into step beside him.
Behind her, Serena gushed about seeing to his needs, but neither of them paid any attention.
His scent, warm, lemony with a hint of spice, filled her head along with a dizzying progression of filthy thoughts. God, she wanted to lick him in places she’d never once dreamed of licking a man! And that was just the beginning…
He led her through the doors he’d emerged from what felt like an eternity ago. A set of luxuriously carpeted stairs led to another door on the mezzanine level.
He stood to one side and waved her up, a wicked smile curving his sensuous lips. “After you, Miss Green.”
Thank God she’d shaved her legs last night was her first thought. Her second was whether her panties were visible through the thin fabric of the flirty yellow Vera Wang summer dress Keely had insisted she wear.
Oh, what the hell did it matter?
Propriety had gone out the window the moment she’d set eyes on this man. All the same, she couldn’t stop her hand from fluttering against the back of her dress as she mounted the stairs.
She heard his soft hiss and belatedly realized that all she’d done was succeed in plastering the material against her ass. Her Kardashian ass, as Keely liked to call it.
By far it was her worst feature, ridiculously large in comparison to the rest of her body. While her breasts were an okay size and her stomach and thighs responded well to exercise, having been primed with ballet from an early age, her ass let her down every time. It was why she’d given up her dreams of becoming a prima ballerina.
She reached the top of the stairs and quickly dropped her hand.
Before she could open it, he reached past her and threw the door open.
The moment she entered, she knew why she’d felt the weird sensation as she’d walked into the Executive Guest Suite.
Moving forward, she stopped in front of the glass wall, her heart hammering wildly in her throat as she looked down into the open space below.
“You were in this room when I came in.” It wasn’t a question. It was another certainty that stemmed from her soul.
“Yes.” His voice, hypnotic and sexy as hell, washed over her.
“You saw me.”
“Yes.” He was closer, close enough for her to smell him again.
“And you came downstairs?”
“I couldn’t not.”
She turned. He stood less than a pace away, those mesmerizing eyes on her. Again, his shoulders and his hands moved restlessly, as if he was physically restraining himself from touching her.
“So, what now?”
His gaze raked her from head to toe and back again. His lips parted and his tongue traced the inside of his lower lip. “Now you place your hands on the wall behind you and spread your legs.”
Stunned excitement rocked through her but she forced herself to breathe, to remain lucid. “W…why would I want to do that?”
His smile was filled with pure sin. “For your drug search, of course.”
“What…what about Tracy?”
His smile disappeared. “She won’t be conducting the search. I brought you here because now I’ve seen you, now I have you, Bethany Green, I refuse to let anyone else touch you.”
He took that last step until they were a whisper apart. His head lowered and his nostrils flared as he breathed her in, the sharp tinge of need in his every exhale. “Are you ready?” he rasped.
She looked up at him, every nerve in her body tightening with need.
“No. You’re about to put your hands on me and I don’t even know your name.”
“My name is Zachary Savage. You can call me Zach. In fact, I prefer it. Because Zachary is too long for the many times I intend for you to scream my name when I make you come.”

Dandyland Diaries by D.M.Dewey

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00010]Blurb:

Steal a peek into the forbidden world of BDSM through the eyes of a new lifestyle Dominatrix. The stories are true. The journey is real.
Follow Goddess SinPlay, a once obedient happy housewife, as she stumbles her way through the twists and turns of life while learning the importance of being true to herself. Gavin came to her like a dream and left like a whisper but would she have changed her time with him if she had known? Nothing is forever. Nothing comes easy. Nothing is as it seems.

 *   *   *


dandy 2D.M.Dewey is a fresh face in the taboo world of the fetish community. She has a biting humor and a quick wit. D.M.’s favorite quote ever said about her is “I love all of your stories, ’cause they all sound like lies!” D.M.Dewey resides in Los Angeles with her little crazy faced dog Charlie.


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Okay, I have worn them once. And it was a really funny story that I’m tempted to tell you about now. I’m trying to decide if it would be a good break for you if I were to show the other side of me—my story as a submissive that turned into a comedy of sorts. All right, here goes. It’s all part of the bigger story, so why not? Let’s just freeze on Sam for a moment. Sam, with his gnarled-up pain face and his freshly slapped dick.


Flash back to about one year earlier. It was winter and I’d been on that vanilla dating website for about two months now. All I’d come up with so far were horny weirdoes. That was actually okay, since I myself was a horny weirdo, but that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for at the time. I was looking for someone who could really turn me on.

I stumbled upon a handsome guy’s profile and began a simple conversation. We exchanged names and stats (pretty par for the course) that quickly led to more provocative suggestions. He was quick and direct and all too willing to show me what he had to work with in his nether-region, and let me just say that it was a happy and perky beast. I liked how he manhandled me with his words, and I was curious about how he would do that to me in person. I found myself behaving very submissively for the first time in my life, and I was really enjoying the thrill of relinquishing control to him. So we devised a plan.

We agreed he’d sneak into my apartment in the middle of the night and just go nuts on my big ass. I was nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time, and then the door opened. He crept into my apartment as quietly as a cat burglar and slipped into my bed. On that fateful night, he slapped me, spanked me, gagged me, choked me, and when he came on my face, I thought… I am home! This ignited in me a whole new fantasy of someone taking me completely and now I wanted to experience more. I saw that guy a few more times, but it was never quite the same after that first night. It was a very tough act to follow, even if he had been the one performing.

So I was meeting men with the forever-hopeful idea that I would find one that could really top me, and I mean REALLY top me. Not just bang away in a missionary passion until they grunted before falling into a fitful snooze. What I was hoping to find was someone to really take control of my inner dialogue and slap the shit out its dirty mouth. You know, the voice that constantly bitches at you for being a dirty whore while you try to get off? Or is that just me? I doubt it’s just me. Who cares?

Enter, John—shaved-head, earring-wearing, and pseudo-punk kind of guy. He claimed to be an energy vampire, but more importantly, he said he was a dominant in the BDSM world. I barely even knew what that meant at that point. He explained to me that he liked to totally take a woman… (DING, DING, DING, we have a winner, folks!) and fuck for hours.

I sure did like that sound of that. I was single, had no responsibilities other than myself, loved sex, always was careful to “bag the goods,” if you know what I mean, so why not? I told him I was in! I was so in I told him in an email that I would love to get some Ecstasy and roll with him. I don’t know why I wanted to do that since I hadn’t taken any drugs in pretty much a lifetime, but for some reason, I felt like going balls out on this one. Let’s do it! Let’s get high! He was so excited I think he nearly took a squirt right then and there. He was all too happy to supply the Molly if I would host the night.

We made a plan to meet that Saturday night… What is it with Saturday? Is it the go-to day for hedonists? Anyway, he slipped up and admitted he was feeling a little self-conscious about his weight. Uh-oh…

I would meet my close friend, Janet, for coffee the shameful day after a tryst and dish in great detail about the previous night. She was my sounding board throughout all of this. Since she understood my slutty shenanigans, I told her about his worries about his weight.

“He’s a fatty!” She laughed.

I showed her his picture. It was a headshot at best. “Does he look fat to you?” I asked.

“Well, he doesn’t look like he couldn’t be fat,” Janet replied.

Oh my God, she was right; there was definite fat potential in his cheeks. Fuck.

At Your Mercy by Rhyme Devereux


Welcome to VIP, a personalized matchmaking agency catering to professional executives.  Satisfaction, and so much more, guaranteed.

Ivy is damaged goods and never intends for anyone to make her weak by falling in love.  When her next assignment just happens to be the person who protected her as a young girl, she is stunned at how much she is attracted to him. He arouses her, in every way. It might be time for her to make an exception to her rule…

Jax has never been in a loving relationship.  Meeting up with Ivy after all these years, he still feels protective of her even though she isn’t that fragile girl anymore. Her beautiful face and sensual curves are breathtaking to him now. The first time in his life, he wants something that money can’t buy- Ivy. Jax will stop at nothing until he has her moaning in his bed.

He protected her once before and now he wants to own her heart. Will Ivy let Jax be at her mercy?

 *   *   *


Rhyme Devereux is an adult romance writer. Her debut book, At Your Mercy is her baby and she can’t wait to add more siblings. She is happily married with five children, and two dogs living in Pennsylvania. After turning 40, Rhyme realized that she’s a late bloomer and writing is what keeps her sane most days.

Before Rhyme began writing she wore many career hats: childcare teacher, personal assistant to children with autism, running her home-based transcribing business, and from time to time a stay-at-home mom. When she’s not writing or daydreaming about plots and characters; you can find Rhyme being a housekeeper, tutor, chef, chauffeur, and referee at home. There are times (more than often) that there’s no rhyme or reason for the things that go on in her life.

Rhyme thanks Judy Blume for writing awesome books that started her reading addiction in her tweenyears. She also still adores her favorite childhood character, Bambi. Thank you for reading her biography, but just so you know Rhyme’s books are much more interesting.



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I’m happy working for VIP. The pay is impressive, especially for someone without a degree. I get to see tropical places, mingle with different cultures, and be with some tremendously powerful, attractive men. Don’t get me wrong. I fantasize about the things I would love to do with these insanely hot men. Some of my past clients had me manually stimulating myself as soon as I got home after attending one of their social events.

Which reminds me. I need to buy more batteries.

I check the time on my wristwatch—twelve ten p.m. I reach to press the privacy window control. “Joe, how much longer you think we will be stuck in traffic?”

“Actually, we’re almost there, Ivy. Sorry for not taking another route.”

“Sure. No problem. Thanks, Joe.” Every Friday, no matter the time of day, there’s a ton of traffic on the freeway. I pray my new client isn’t a stickler for being on time. Being fifteen minutes late isn’t terrible. Checking my face in my cosmetic mirror, I run my fingers through my curly red hair. All I need to do is refresh my nude-colored lipstick.

The privacy window comes down. “Ivy, we’ve arrived.”

“Finally. Thanks, Joe. Pull up to the entrance, please.” Joe opens the door and offers his hand. “I’ll be ready to leave by two o’clock, but you may want to hang out for a moment in case this Jax Sterling has a tantrum over me being tardy.” I laugh.

Smiling, he nods his head. “No problem. Text me if I can leave.”

As I step into the crisp spring air on the West Coast, I wish that I had brought my shoulder wrap along. The sun is bright today. Not one cloud in the sky. Looking around, I see the parking lot is full of expensive cars—Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguars, and Range Rovers. This place is the hangout for business lunches. Violet only chooses the best. Yep, this is how the others live, and I get to play the part for a limited time.

Walking at a fast pace to the five-story restaurant, my beige stiletto gets stuck in a crack of the stone walkway. Suddenly, strong hands grab my elbow as I start to fall forward towards the ground. My eyes slowly drift upward from his black dress shoes, briefly taking in his tall, athletic build that his gray dress pants can’t conceal. Then my eyes wander over his broad chest that looks hot as hell in a form-fitting black shirt.

“Miss, are you okay?”

I am now.

I’m stunned to be looking into some gorgeous man’s blue eyes that are the lightest color I’ve ever seen. Except … something’s familiar.

“Um … what?” I say as I remember to breathe.

“Are you okay?” He raises his right eyebrow as he questions me.

“Yes, yes, I am. Thanks for helping me avoid an embarrassing accident.”

“We wouldn’t want you to hurt that beautiful body of yours.” Smiling, he begins to walk away, but stops and comes back. “I know this is going to sound like a pick-up line, but do I know you? Are you from around here?”

“For the most part. I lived in Florida a long time ago.”

“Really, what part?”

“Tampa.” A part of my life that I truly try to forget.

“Well, if I did know you, I definitely would remember those big, green eyes,” he says while scanning my body from head to toe. And then he walks in the entrance of the restaurant.

Something in my mind is nagging at me. He seems very familiar. Looking into my Coach tote, I search for the envelope holding the picture that I haven’t seen yet. I find the envelope as I reach the elevators. Finding the elevator empty, I push the third-floor button, which is the Italian restaurant. Violet loves this place for meeting new clients. Each of the five floors caters a different cuisine. I hear the soulful tunes of that famous female British singer, Adele. I just love her. There’s so much heartache in her lyrics. As always my sweet mother’s voice resonated in my head.

Ivy, listen. People will make you mad and treat you bad. Don’t let those things cause hate in your heart. 

My mom always sought solace in her quotes. Looking at my reflection in the glass elevator walls, I smooth out various areas of my camel-colored linen pants suit and check that the lace part of my silk tank top covers my bra. My nerves are always a wreck when first meeting a client. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath. Ready, set, action …

* * *

Once the doors open, I step onto the marble flooring and walk straight ahead toward a tall, thin woman with long, platinum-blonde hair standing at the podium.

Showing her perfect white teeth as she smiles, she says, “Good afternoon. How may I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Ivy Montgomery. I’m meeting someone here. His name is Jax Sterling.” For the first time, I finally look at the picture as I show the hostess. I immediately recognize the sexy, dark-haired man as the one who prevented me from busting my ass on the ground outside.

The hostess’s lips make an O. “Ah, yes.” She escorts me toward the back of the restaurant.

Looking around, I take in the ambience of this place—soft music, the lighting dimmed just right, and high-back, luxurious leather booth seats.

Privacy is unquestionably obtainable if that’s what you desire. As we reach the last intimate booth in a corner, my eyes drift to a handsome face whose name I now know. Oh, crap. It’s him.

The hostess’s eyes are focused only on Jax Sterling. “Miss Montgomery, Mr. Sterling, is there anything I can get for—”

Cutting the hostess off, I smile and shake my head. “No, thank you.” I laugh to myself while watching the hostess bat her eyes at him. He is yummy. She smiles as she walks away. As I pull out my cell phone and text Joe that he can leave, I slide into the seat across from Jax. “So we meet again. Are you Jax Sterling, who requested a VIP companion?” My stomach is a little uneasy, and my heart pounds wildly. What is happening here?

With a crooked smile, he rests his muscular arms on the table and leans toward me, whispering, “Yes, Ivory.”

I can feel my heartbeat in my ears. My hands are trembling. How do you know that name? All my childhood memories rush back to me at once. Trying to control the tears that are threatening to escape, I say, “It can’t be …”

He quickly stands and walks around the mahogany table to join me, grabbing my face with both hands. “I can’t believe it.” He presses his forehead on mine and closes his eyes. “Ivory, it’s me, Jaxson.”


Book Feature – The 35th Year by Kimberly Cooper

How much could you change your life in one year?  For Elizabeth Blake, the answer is a lot.  Tired of being a controlled housewife she takes the 35th year of her life to focus on her needs and wants. With the support of her best friend Stella, Lizzie begins to emancipate herself from her loveless marriage and soon sets her sights on Alex, who has just turned twenty three.  Between Lizzie’s baggage from the past and her sexual inexperience, Alex has a large task at hand, not that he is complaining.
The 35th Year explores the struggle that many woman go through, when unappreciated in their marriage.  The decision to step outside of her marriage and begin an affair is something that Lizzie wrestles with but once Alex shows her what she has been missing in the bedroom, she is unable to turn back.  She quickly gets caught up in the thrill of sex in public and the array of new positions that Alex is teaching her, Lizzie soon realizes that being a bad girl feels very good.

 *   *   *

new picBio:
I am a wife and mother of three.  I love family time, even if we are just going for a walk.  Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I was a teenager, I wrote poetry for a while and I still make home made cards for family members.  I have lived in Virginia my whole life but I hope one day to relocate to Wilmington North Carolina and open a soup kitchen.  Besides writing, I am an avid fan of the Goo Goo Dolls and horror movies.

Kimberly can be found:

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 I walked outside; the coffee shop was right next to Lullaby. I sashayed past the window, Alex was at the register. I had barely made it to the door of Brew and he was at my side.
“So you were just going to walk by and not stop in and see me?”
I smiled at him, “I was just trying to see if you were still interested.”
He looked down at my stockings, “You really think I could lose interest especially when you are dressed like that?” I just looked at him; waiting to see what he would say. He opened the door to the coffee shop and grabbed my hand, and pulled me through the crowd of people to a table in the back. He leaned over and kissed me, “I have missed you so much.” He had his hand under the table, rubbing my leg. “I want to be alone with you.” He said. I had chills, I wanted to be alone with him but I could not afford another day like I had at Lullaby, getting so turned on and then going home unsatisfied.
I leaned over as close to him as I could get, “Whenever I am with you, I have to go home and use my vibrator.”
He cleared his throat. “You have a vibrator?”
I looked over at him, “Yes, why, does that bother you?”
He shook his head, “Not at all, I am actually quite flattered. What do you think about?”
I looked around to make sure no one was paying any attention to us; most everyone in there was lost in their own conversations. “Well, the other night I thought of you and me, you let me get on top of you.”
He swallowed hard, “That could be interesting, I definitely would not mind lying in a bed somewhere having you naked and on top of me doing anything, you could sit on me and knit and I would be turned on.” I could tell that he liked what he was hearing.
“The best one was when I thought about you getting behind me, and your sweat was dripping down on me.”
He whispered in my ear, “You know what you are doing to me right?” I smiled, I loved the power, I loved feeling like someone wanted me, that I could have him if I wanted him. I nuzzled his nose with mine and kissed him. He was rubbing my leg a little harder now, I forgot all about Stella and Brandy waiting for their coffee.
“You know, you can move your hand a little higher if you want.” I taunted, opening my legs a little more.
He raised his eyebrow at me, “You had better watch out, I am not playing.” I could not stop, I put my hand on his thigh and started rubbing, I slid it over and he let out a little gasp. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up; I walked behind him into a single stall bathroom. He closed the door behind us and pulled me over to him and started kissing me. He put his hands up the back of my dress and linked his thumbs inside my fishnets and started pulling them down.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“You were warned, I told you to watch out.” He leaned over and slid his tongue in my mouth. I kicked my shoes off while he worked my fishnets all the way down and slung them over his shoulder. For a moment I panicked, no one had ever performed oral sex on me, what if I stunk or what it I looked different down there than he was used to, do vagina’s age?
“No Alex, wait.” I said.
He put his hands on either side of my face; I guess I looked scared, “Don’t worry; I have been waiting for a long time to do this, relax and enjoy, believe me you won’t regret it.” He kissed me again and knelt down in front of me. I was so embarrassed; I did not know what to do. He took my underwear off and brought his face close to me, “Oh my God you smell delicious.” I bit my lip, the warmth of his breath against me felt so good. He started licking at me softly, I shuddered. I lifted my right leg and rested it up against the wall. He dove into me hungrily, licking harder. I took my hands and grabbed him by the hair, tugging at it. He had his whole face buried in me, I started to cum, I put my hand over my mouth to try and muffle the sound but it did not help much. My legs started shaking so bad that I thought that they would give out. He stood back up and pulled me over to him and kissed me.
“I have never felt anything like that in my life.” I said. I felt guilty though because he was so hard. “What about you?” I asked.
He smiled and rubbed my face with the back of his hand, “I told you before, I am a giver. I will wait until we can be together.”
I stroked his hair, “When is that going to be?” I asked. The sooner the better, I wanted him for the whole night.
“Whenever you can come and stay with me for a night or two or twenty.” He said.
I looked at my watch, “Oh my gosh, I have to get back to the salon.” I picked up my underwear and put them on and grabbed my shoes, we kissed again.


Love, Lust and Letters by K. Nicole Williams

When Isabel meets Damian during her daily commute she is at her wits end with her marriage, will she break her vows and let lust win or will she find a way to re-connect with her husband, Luke before it’s too late?

*   *  *


She noticed him on the train. He always sat in the same seat, two seats ahead facing her. He wore jeans every day of the commute. She wondered what type of work he did. She would make guesses to herself, Architect, Web Designer, Trainer, she couldn’t tell. It was a game to her. He typed on his laptop during the hour long commute. It was one of those expensive ones that weighed like an ounce and was almost as thin as your credit card. She knew it cost him a pretty penny. Although he wore jeans they were nice, designer no doubt. And his shoes were expensive leather loafers. He wasn’t flashy, but his style was distinctive. No wedding band, he was single. She looked down at the gold band and diamond ring on her left hand. She was not single, which is why she only watched him on their commute.
He smiled at her occasionally, looking up from his work with his headphones on. She wondered what type of music he listened to, rap, she thought. Then she chided herself for stereotyping. He was the color of the dark chocolate she hoarded in her desk at work. His skin was rich and smooth. His head was bald and he wore a lone diamond earring in his left ear. He reminded her of an actor, but she couldn’t remember which one. He had never spoken to her on the train; perhaps he’d seen her wedding ring or didn’t find her attractive.
She wore a suit to work every day. She didn’t have to, but it made her feel confident and in control. She was the Vice President of Human Resources at her company. She felt her position was important and that her clothing should reflect that. Maybe he thought she was stuck up, she thought. Today she was wearing a navy blue skirt suit and a cream silk blouse. She loved the feel of silk on her skin, it felt like a caress every time she moved. Her legs were clad in nude pantyhose and on her feet were navy high heels. They were impossibly high and impractical for the office, but they made her feel sexy, so she wore them.
Despite her care in dressing today she didn’t feel important or sexy. She and Luke had been fighting all weekend. He wanted her to have a baby and she told him she wasn’t ready. He had said that she wasn’t a spring chicken anymore and that if she wanted to have children she better start now. She was only thirty years old; she had plenty of time she thought to herself. The truth is she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have children with him. Thinking about their fight, she had started to cry and hadn’t noticed until he came to her with a tissue.
“Rough morning,” he asked with concern in his eyes. She hadn’t even noticed him get up from his seat.
“You could say that,” she sniffled as she took the tissue he offered her.
“You’re too beautiful for rough mornings,” he said as he walked back to his seat. “Keep the tissue,” he mouthed to her now back in his usual spot.
“Thank you,” she said to him silently. It was the best thing that had happened to her in the last year.

*   *   *


author_pic-1Author Bio:
K. Nicole Williams lives in a quaint town in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband and three wonderful sons. She has been writing since the day her mother handed her a crayon, but has only started publishing her work in 2012. When she is not writing, she is reading either a good book or chasing around her three young boys.

*   *   *

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Adam & Eve

Blue Moon House – Kitten by Angelica Dawson


Jocelyn considers herself sexually experienced, a leader and manipulator. She is looking for the next challenge. The rumors surrounding Blue Moon House sound like just the thing she’s looking for. Losing her roommate to marriage, she also needs a new place to stay. Hoping to find both in the same entity, she follows the rumors to their source and finds much more than she bargained for, beginning with a discovery that defies her biological science background – vampires.



*   *   *


Daisy brushed Jocelyn’s cheek. She’d hesitated on accepting Bernard’s proposal for the sake of her friend, but Jocelyn had understood the opportunity. It would be so easy for the pair to turn something tawdry into something legitimate, something with permanence. She wanted that for her friend, just not for herself. She would miss Daisy, just as she missed Beryl and Jacob and Jed and…She’d said goodbye to a lot of friends over the years. Jocelyn wasn’t afraid of being alone. She had an endless list of acquaintances to tap for new friendships. She was a little worried about keeping the apartment by herself. Fortunately, she had all summer to find a new place or someone new to share this one.

After effectively killing the mood, Daisy hustled Bernard out. Then she came and pulled Jocelyn up on the settee atop her, running her fingers over Jocelyn’s pale skin. She brushed Jocelyn’s blond hair back from her shoulders to kiss one. “Are you going to tell me any more?” she asked, kissing her way down Jocelyn’s back while her fingers traced lines along ribs and belly.

“I can’t,” Jocelyn admitted, turning to kiss Daisy and play her fingers across the other woman’s chest. “Apparently no one in Blue Moon House is supposed to let anyone outside know about it. I was sworn to secrecy today.”

Daisy let out a sigh of disappointment and pouted prettily. Jocelyn sucked the puffy pink lip into her mouth and grazed her teeth over it, sawing her legs between Daisy’s.

“I met one beautiful woman and saw a fine male specimen as well.”

Daisy laughed. “Do you ever think of us as more than specimens?”

It was Jocelyn’s turn to pout. “You think I don’t care about you?”

Daisy smiled and rubbed her nose along Jocelyn’s. At the same time she shifted her legs so that their pubic bones touched. “I didn’t mean that. I know you care, but you still look at me and see bones and veins and…” Daisy’s face turned sour and she shuddered. That movement rubbed along Jocelyn, her breasts and legs. She groaned very quietly.

“Yes, I do still see all those things. I see breasts where the nerves end right here.” She sucked one of Daisy’s dark nipples into her mouth, biting down lightly. “I know there are pockets of nerve endings all along here.” She ran her fingertips down Daisy’s spine making her arch and gasp. “And we both feel fantastical sensations here.” She shifted her weight, leaning off the settee and back to the other side so that her groin and Daisy’s met completely. She pulled apart the labia, rubbing herself against her friend, feeling how wet they both still were, how hot it made her.

*   *   *


Angelica Dawson is no stranger to blood sucking hordes. Unfortunately, in her day job as an environmental scientist, they aren’t vampires but black flies and mosquitoes. Angelica is the author of Blue Moon House, a vampire BDSM story. She has also contributed to two anthologies, Campus Sexploits 3 and Serviced Vol. 1.


*   *   *

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A Bride for Seven Brothers #1 & #2 by Maria Garcia

BrideforSEVEN#1and2COVER-1Grumpy smiled the light and shadow of early afternoon playing across his handsome face.
“No, Ruby, I’m telling you I know what it’s like to be adrift and not know it.” He walked on quickening his pace so that Ruby had to practically run to catch up. She wanted to stamp her feet and shout and scream at the top of her voice. Sanctimonious bastard! He was just like her father had been, offering opinions and advice when it was not wanted or needed. Ruby wanted to remain angry but it was tough, particularly when he took off his shirt and grinned at her his sparkling blue eyes sending hot-wired shots of lust through her cunt that now practically hummed with need.
“You are welcome to stay with us as long as you wish but if you are going to live with us you need to earn your keep.”
Ruby wanted to holler and cheer. Oh she’d do that all right. She practically rocked with excitement her mind already at work picturing the hot fucks she would have with these gloriously hunky men and their large fine cocks. She would do her utmost to ensure they remained satisfied. They could fuck her whenever and however; she was up for it!
“So here you go.”
Grumpy handed her a basket then positioned a short ladder against one of the numerous trees.
Confusion cut through the thick weight of desire that had stung her nipples to an unbearable aching tenderness and moistened her pussy to a slick wetness.
Ruby stared at the items then into the devastatingly attractive face of the man before her.
“And what are these for?”
“Ruby, this is our small orchard, Hap uses the apples we grow here to make cider, apple pie, crumble and much more … but the apples must first be plucked from the tree.”

*   *   *

Author Bio: I began writing literary fiction years ago, officially I have an agent and continue to pursue this line of writing but I got bored: The result, A Bride For Seven Brothers (And no, my agent has no idea of this alter ego as Maria Garcia LOL!) I don’t think she’d mind though!

The idea for Brides started where all the best ideas begin: With Alcohol and What If? The results is Brides#1 that led to Brides#2 and now I’m on Brides#3 hopefully to be published in @3weeks. I hope to end the series for now at least at #5 stories but we will see. Brides is very much an erotic story and this is what drives the storyline but I hope to show that as the naughty tales continue that Ruby and her men provide an entertaining and more satisfying complex mix of sexy and narrative twists.

I didn’t actually expect it to sell. The free promo on Amazon was interesting, over 1,000 downloads in three days. Sales flat lined after this freebie and have now begun to steadily increase. I am always amazed and gratified when someone buys one of the stories.
I love writing and each day I surprise myself with exactly what I write.
Right now the best place to be is with Ruby and her Seven Hunky Guys.

Maria can be found:

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A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2

Maria Garcia (Angry Women Series)Ó

The Moral Right Of The Author Is Asserted

(Warning: Sexually Explicit)

A Walk Through The Woods

Ruby showered quickly dressing in jeans and a loose cotton shirt then left the house preferring to take her time on foot rather than use one of the many small trucks that littered the yard.  She turned towards the deep dark woods; not one of her men was about and for the first time ever of this Ruby felt a cool wave of relief.

Walking would give her the time she so desperately needed to gather her thoughts. Here in The Woods surrounded by the cool cover of trees and the call of birdsong Ruby felt closer to Hap. But try as she might she could not understand why he would want to leave his brothers or her. He had seemed so happy. Of all of the brothers he had appeared the most content and grounded. Ruby swallowed a sigh aware that she was once more creeping ever closer to a fit of tears when she had promised herself that she would be strong but the hurt was so raw she could not imagine a time when she would ever heal and get over Hap’s disappearance. And though she’d never admit it to a soul of all the guys he held the tender most spot in her heart and her cunt. It had been Hap who had discovered her some six months ago in this very same deep dark wood. He had been the first of the seven brothers she had given herself to kneeling down amidst the flowers and grass to suck his big beautiful cock.  And unlike the others Happy Hermanos was just as content to speak of woodland plants and exotic mushrooms, as he was to fuck her senseless. Ruby remembered many a frustrating yet sweet night he’d hugged her close while talking her through the intricacies of making the perfect soufflé when all she’d seriously longed for was his hot tongue on her clit working her up to a creamy frenzy.  There was no getting away from it; Hap was different, she loved him, she missed him, she wanted him home where he belonged, deep in the rolling hot swell of her pussy.

Ruby kicked at the grass unable to shake the unease that stole through her heart. In a perverse way she prayed that he had run away; preferring this to the mental image that raced repeatedly through her mind of Hap trapped somewhere alone and afraid.  Of course it was a crazy notion, he was a grown man who’d made his own life choices; that of cutting free and going his own way.  He was safe and well, he had to be but still …

“Mushroom raga with polenta; jambalaya with shrimp; chicken paprika.”

Mrs Hernandez appraised the list in Ruby’s hands seriously impressed. “My you are treating those men well! Grumpy is a very lucky man to be marrying you.”

The old woman declared pushing her thick lenses back up her face and smiling widely. “Now, we just have to find six lovely ladies for the other six boys.”

Mrs Hernandez’s words filled the small village store, resonating deep inside Ruby’s heart.  Ruby kept the polite smile on her lips her fingers tightening into fists with the effort not to loose it. Agreeing to marry Grumpy had opened up a world of contention among her men but she could hardly marry all seven brothers! Legally that could never be so they’d opted for the safest road.  She would marry the oldest: Grumpy. A sound idea until Hap had vanished.  His disappearance seemed to have been the catalyst to her current predicament; ruptures had begun, grown deeper and bleaker with each passing day.

“Now let’s see here …. You’ll need green peppers, paprika obviously, then there’s chicken pieces, mushrooms, Parmesan, cheese …”

“Lotty, it’s fine. I’ll finish up here, you go home.”

Mrs Hernandez looked up from her task. “Are you sure dear?”

Eva Thomas grinned white teeth flashing against tanned skin. “Yes; it’s nearly time to close up anyway, now you go I will see you tomorrow.”

Mrs Hernandez smiled with pleasure taking off her apron and grabbing her purse. “Ok then; maybe I can get home in time to catch that new Telenovela; bueno, hasta mañana carino!”

Ruby stood with Eva at the shop-front window watching the elderly woman walk down the path and head home.

“She is an absolute darling but pretty weak on her feet: I just don’t have the heart to lay her off. She loves chatting to the customers and she’s an absolute fountain of information when it comes to local gossip.” Said Eva her tall agile body reaching up to get cans of produce from the shelves. “Now where were we? Oh okay, so you still need some shrimps, chopped thyme, celery …”

Ruby watched Eva; there was a fluid grace to her movements as her jet black hair swept her tight backside in a way that made Ruby green with envy.

“That’s it.  I think we have it all now.” Brown eyes swept over Ruby as Eva handed the shopping list back. “It’s been a slow day, very few customers; what with the heat and the new big supermarket over at Bider Ford.”

“Are you worried about losing business?”

Eva shrugged a tight smile caressing her full lips.  “A little but the location of my store means that it’s still easier for people to come here than make the long hike into town. I’ll just have to be more astute with my pricing that’s all.”

Eva’s eyes narrowed, as she examined the wary tightness that suddenly consumed Ruby’s sexy face understanding dawning.  “More came?” She whispered.

Ruby biting the undercarriage of her lip nodded, her heart pounding out its own song that spoke of alarm and a growing dread. “It’s always the same, red ink, nasty words …”

“Why won’t you let me see them?” There was a note of deep frustration in Eva’s voice that cut Ruby to the quick.

“I don’t see what difference that would make, you seeing them, but I did keep the most recent one, it came today.”

Eva wordlessly took the scrap of paper; the lurid blood red of the calligraphy seeming to shine ever brighter against the afternoon light that came through the store windows.  “Who ever is doing this is an absolute monster, …” She whispered.

“I think its Mathew.”

“But how can that be.  Your marriage to that man was annulled.  Grumpy and the boys saw to that right?”

“Yes, but you don’t understand.  Mathew Marshall likes to get his way.  He wanted me so he could get my father’s company.”

“But the settlement carved out by Dopey and Sneezy meant that he got a controlling interest in the company, a restoration of the pension rights to the workers and a financial settlement that compensated for the shit he put you through. The company managed to survive and is doing well so … what more can the man want!”

“Me.” Said Ruby simply.

“But this was never about you.”

“Yes it was.  He never loved me, he made that very clear but like I said, Marshall is a man that likes to get his way.  I was part of the package. A trophy he was going to walk around with on his arm.”

Eva’s face reflected both horror and distaste. “Well, that’s just sick.”

“I don’t have the heart to tell the boys.  They have worked so hard to get me away from him and free of all the stuff that Marshall brought … I’m seriously afraid of what they’ll do if they find out he’s started sending these notes.”

“But you have to do something.”

“Yes but I don’t know what …”

“And what about Hap, is there any news?”


“Those brothers still insisting he went off of his own free will?”

“Yes but I can feel it in my heart, Eva.  They are wrong.  The longer he’s away the stronger is my sense that something really bad has happened and try as I might I just can’t shake it.”

“I wish I could do more to help.” Eva’s gaze was pained, the concern in her eyes piercingly strong.”

Ruby sighed a small smile shadowing her ripe lips.  “Being able to talk to you is more than enough.  This is stuff I just can’t say out loud to anyone else.  I feel that I can be my true self with you.”

Ruby paid what she owed and Eva dug her hands in her pocket taking out her keys to lock up but Ruby could wait no longer. Grabbing a fistful of jet hair Ruby pulled Eva to her a delicious shiver racing through her cunt as she kissed Eva with a passion that left her breathless.  Coming up for air Eva nodded with approval her long fingers sneaking beneath Ruby’s shirt to cup her breasts, her voice sultry and full of approval.  “You smell of men and sex.”

Ensuring the store was locked Eva turned her attention back to Ruby a wide hungry light in her brown eyes.

A Bride for Seven Brothers #2 by Maria Garcia

BRIDES#2NEWCOVERThe honeymoon is well and truly over; her seven men are proving troublesome in more ways than Ruby could ever have imagined and to add to her problems Grumpy is considering leaving the farm to return to the city, the twins; Sneezy and Sleepy although quite happy to share argue about exactly who should be on top; Dopey is in counselling for his ‘issues’ and Doc is being a total arse. But Bashful is hornier than ever and desperate to start a family while Hap has abandoned his brothers and Ruby and gone AWOL.  Can one woman really hold it all together and satisfy seven men?


*   *   *


Author Bio: I began writing literary fiction years ago, officially I have an agent and continue to pursue this line of writing but I got bored: The result, A Bride For Seven Brothers (And no, my agent has no idea of this alter ego as Maria Garcia LOL!) I don’t think she’d mind though!

The idea for Brides started where all the best ideas begin: With Alcohol and What If? The results is Brides#1 that led to Brides#2 and now I’m on Brides#3 hopefully to be published in @3weeks. I hope to end the series for now at least at #5 stories but we will see. Brides is very much an erotic story and this is what drives the storyline but I hope to show that as the naughty tales continue that Ruby and her men provide an entertaining and more satisfying complex mix of sexy and narrative twists.

I didn’t actually expect it to sell. The free promo on Amazon was interesting, over 1,000 downloads in three days. Sales flat lined after this freebie and have now begun to steadily increase. I am always amazed and gratified when someone buys one of the stories.
I love writing and each day I surprise myself with exactly what I write.
Right now the best place to be is with Ruby and her Seven Hunky Guys.

Maria can be found:

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A Bride for Seven Brothers#2 can be purchased: Amazon


A Bride For Seven Brothers #2

By Maria Garcia

The Moral Right Of The Author Is Asserted

(Warning: Sexually Explicit Content)


It was a scorching summers day as Ruby climbed down from the apple tree retracing her steps back the way she had come inhaling the sweet scent of The Woods she shifted the basket in her arms her eyes falling to the fresh earth at her feet; there were Indian Pipes; Eastern Redbuds; Wild Hyacinths; Red Columbines and Wood Poppies to name but a few. Her knowledge of flowers entirely down to Hap who had patiently talked her through the endless beauty of the land. At the thought of Hap her heart took a downward slide, without him she felt incomplete, lost.

Absently Ruby examined her engagement ring, a large rugged diamond that sparkled in the noonday sun.  One ring from seven brothers; they’d all chipped in to purchase the stone. Ruby had cried with delight the day they had presented it to her keeping the truth a tightly balled up secret inside herself: She hated the dam thing but didn’t have the heart to say this was the case. Agreeing to marry them had taken Ruby to places she could never have dreamed of; not all of them good or true. For now someone was out there hating her every breath; someone who sent tokens of their contempt and loathing without fail each and every week. She had burnt the notes but watching the flames consume those hateful words penned with bloody red ink had not erased them from her head or her heart. They remained branded against her memory: You can run but you cannot hide; once a whore always a dirty cunt; only death can part us; I know your seven horny secrets …

Now only one note remained toxic and vile burrowing a hole in her dress pocket

It’s warning chilling her to the bone …I am watching you

Ruby fought the bile that rose in her throat, her skin positively crawled with the sensation that she was being watched.

“Hey there, are you Ok?” Bashful stepped forward, tall dark and indecently horny his hair tied back from his face in a tight pony tale, his muscular torso fully exposed through the torn and tattered T-shirt and tight jeans.

Looking up Ruby forced a smile to her lips a warm pulsing heat lancing through her body.  These days it was becoming increasingly difficult to juggle all the competing demands made on her. In a few days time she was due to be married swearing her body and soul to seven men so why did she have the overwhelming desire to run as far and as fast as her legs would take her and never look back.

Everything was different now; now there were rules. There was to be no random spontaneous actions of making out or as Bashful had renamed it, ‘fucking out.’  When and how her men fucked her was now a system of meetings and votes clumped together with what to grow in the lower east field; whose turn it was to bed down with her for the night and on which nights she should be left alone to rest and luxuriate in her own space. Even her monthly cycle and what birth control options should or should not be utilized was now open to debate.  Ruby closed her eyes and moaned in delight as Bashful’s strong knowing hands cupped her breasts and squeezed her tight.

She laughed a sound alien to her ears; it had been so long since she’d had anything to laugh about.  “Hey quit that; you know it’s against the rules.”

But her body was delighted the slick fleshy folds of her pussy hot and desperate to be mounted and pumped. Ruby sighed greatly appreciating that Bashful never had been too hot on following rules … her arousal shooting up a notch at the knowledge that this was a highly forbidden act they were currently engaged in as Bashful kissed her harder still.  His fingers travelling ever further up her legs following the curve of her backside before beginning a new journey that traversed her anal hole.  Ruby let out a moan of sheer pleasure dropping the basket it landed with a gentle thud the apples spilling out onto the warm grass.

Ruby was in the mood to be taken roughly and fast, already her loose cotton dress was undone trailing to her waist, her full breasts spilling out nipple hard taking hold of Bashful’s cock her fingers began to caress him a rhythmic edge transforming his thick shaft from hard to bone hard in seconds.

“I’ve missed this.” She breathed against his neck her final words catching in her throat as his index finger drove into her butt hole and began to finger fuck her rear with ruthless savagery.

“You like that don’t you?” His voice was hoarse, his cock desperate to plough into the soft rich heat of her cunt.  He loved the way she kept her eyes open, the dream like quality that took possession of her liquid hot gaze as he fucked her tight anal passage.  With his other hand he grabbed her breasts, caressing and pinching the deep swell of her chest noting how they rose and fell as he continued to ram his fingers and thumb into her, the sweet sounds that escaped her lips turning him on no end.

“Fuck me.” Whispered Ruby tightening her fingers around Bashful’s cock his pre-cum slick against her palm as with relentless passion she continued to milk his shaft.  Her climax took her breath away; it consumed her entirely as she squatted down squeezing out the last shred of raw hot pain and infinite arousal that washed over her body.  Ruby shuddered screaming out her release her cunt juice spurting slick and fast down her trembling legs.

“I’m not done with you yet.” Bashful warned raising her dress higher he bent her over pressing his engorged cock against Ruby’s slick pussy lips, in one smooth motion thrusting past the barrier of muscle and into her juice filled cunt.

Bashful closed his eyes feeding his engorged shaft into her sodden hole in deep rough thrusts.  He took her hard and without mercy. This was the way he liked to screw his woman, out in the open as nature had intended.  He filled her with his full length in slow savage pumps adoring the way her pussy clung to his cock as he worked his way deeper into Ruby’s hole filling her to the hilt. Raw pleasure held him captive as he creamed up Ruby’s hungry sex driving her to an ever-greater slick wetness pulsing pure pleasure and infinite lust that roared in his ears and exploded in his heart.

“Tell me how much you love it!” Demanded Bashful holding her hot cunt close as he hammered her hard.

“I love it, dam it fuck me!” Begged Ruby her dripping wet pussy responding to his every thrust with a thrust equally as harsh and hard of her own.

Against a low guttural roar Bashful released his load filling Ruby’s slick hole with his thick plentiful spunk. The relief was intense, Bashful bucked against Ruby’s soaking sex until he was certain she had taken every drop of his cum. With satisfaction he watched her pussy lips fill to overflowing.

Hot and sticky they collapsed against each other and fell to the grass.

“Dam, that was good!” Declared Ruby struggling to catch her breath. Why couldn’t’t it be like this all the time she thought laying flat on her back, eyes fixed on the brilliant blue sky as though this might give her the answers she sought.  She’d give anything for things to go back to the way they’d been six months ago.

“What’s wrong, Ruby?”

Bashful was looking down at her his eyes a perfect reflection of the sky above.  Warm, brilliant and deeply intense.  Could she really pull it off, lie to him, lie to them all?

“Is there any word from Hap?”

A pained look broke through the perfect smile that only moments ago had played against his lips. “No. Nothing.”

“And do you agree with Grumpy that if he’s gone off we should just let him be.”

“Ruby, you know that’s not what Grumpy said.”

A rebellious stubborn light that all the brothers had come to dread entered Ruby’s eyes.  “Have none of you thought that maybe he didn’t walk out on us. Perhaps there’s more to this; he could have gone into The Woods and gotten into trouble …he could be lying in a ditch somewhere…” Ruby bit her lip close to tears. “Why would he leave us?” she asked her voice rising with uncontained emotion when what she really wanted to scream was: why would he leave me?

“Hush now,” soothed Bashful taking her in his arms. “OK, I’ll have a word with Grumpy and the other guys, see if we can search The Woods again.”

“You promise?”

Those eyes would melt any man’s resolve and harden the most reluctant of cocks. Bashful inhaled Ruby’s scent his hand falling to the slick wetness of her cunt.

“I promise.” He whispered, his fingers slipping deeper into the sweet warmth of Ruby’s pussy as he kissed her hard. Ruby responded opening her legs wide so that her entire sex was exposed eager for him to finger fuck her more deeply.

An electric current raced through her body as shivering with pleasure she got ready for round two; Bashful was never satisfied until he’d fucked her good and hard several times every and each way.  With a knowing smile she reached out and gripped his engorged cock that jumped up stiff and high against his body. Ruby’s mouth watered in anticipation; she could not wait to possess his long hot manhood, feel it thrust against the walls of her mouth then fuck into the deep tight confines of her throat. Her pussy was beyond wet at the very thought!

“So, this is what you do when I ask you to go do chores around the farm!”

“Shit!” Ruby cried out in frustration and rage as Bashful’s hands fell away from her the hot spot between her legs that he’d been feeding with his expert touch fading as Grumpy, eyes cold and condemning walked towards them his tall muscular frame ready for several worlds of confrontation. “We have rules for a reason!” He hissed.

“Don’t lecture me!” Spat Bashful returning a seriously hard cock with reluctance back to the confines of his pants. He stepped forward his anger heightened by the unrequited need that continued to pulse like wildfire through his erect shaft.

“Since when did you get to choose when and how I fuck my wife?”

“She’s not our wife yet and not fucking every and anywhere are the terms we agreed to – all of us.”

“I don’t ever recall agreeing to not make love to the woman I adore.” Spat Bashful his eyes hot with fury as he stood his ground, the tension between the two brothers palpable against the late summer air.

“Oh cut the crap and stop playing that shit with me! You know full well what the rules are and why they’ve been put in place.”

“Don’t push me, Grumpy. You may be older than me but it don’t mean you can be the boss of me!”

“Enough!” Ruby’s head was spinning with all the fighting and ill will. It had crept in so it seemed almost overnight and was slowly beginning to tear apart there little home.”

“This isn’t how it was supposed to be.”  It was only as the two men turned to look at her that Ruby realized the thoughts she’d believed were racing around in her head had actually been said out loud.

“This is to make things better, Ruby. Give you space and privacy so you don’t have us jumping you all the time making demands.” Insisted Grumpy a wild angry looks in his eyes.

“Who says I don’t want to be jumped on at every hour of the day?” Ruby semi naked stood up, confronting Grumpy her rage in danger of turning into something mean and spiteful where she’d spit words she could not take back.

“I love being fucked, screwed and wanked over.”

Ruby watched the muscles against Grumpy’s jaw flex and tighten, the sky blue of his eyes twisting to a darker tempestuous hue.

“And you know I just adore sucking cock, the bigger the better with a full load of creamy spunk as desert!”

His muscular arms fell to his side his long strong hands bunching into fists.

“Why do you say things like that?” His words came out gruff and barely contained.

“Because this isn’t about rules, is it? This is about you and your dam jealousy.”

Grumpy took a step back his gaze moving from Ruby and the full round curve of her breasts, then down to her slender legs; here was a woman he would quite happily kill for; to possess her cunt and fuck her glorious pussy night after night and never have to share but then his gaze cooled, fell to his brother, Bashful. These days Grumpy found himself struggling not to start a fight when he saw her being touched by any man but himself. Inhaling deeply Grumpy took a step back dragging his thoughts away from the possession of Ruby’s body and back to the farm.  He was lovesick, cunt hungry and full of anger but there was nothing to be gained from pursuing the matter, not here, not now. “This farm won’t sort itself.  I have work to do.”

Ruby’s heart sank as she watched him walk away.  Once he would have come and joined them down in the grass and helped his brother fuck her senseless but thought Ruby disquiet and dismay filling her heart, those days were now long gone.

Everything was falling apart piece by piece.  Why couldn’t the men she loved simply stop fighting and love her? Fear grabbed at Ruby’s heart, she could not shake the feeling that she was losing them one by one.

“This is for you.”

Doc slid the heavy tomb of a book across the kitchen table his eyes never leaving hers.  He noted with humour the way her sweet full lips turned down a stubborn glint appearing in those wondrous brown eyes. He stifled a laugh. “Sugar, it’s not going to bite. Pick it up and have a look.” He encouraged gently.

Ruby’s fingers trailed with visible reluctance across the glossy cover: ‘101 Easy Slow Cook Meals.’ A laboured sigh escaped Ruby’s lips.  She could find her way around the most convoluted of financial statements; pull an engine apart piece by piece into its constituent parts and then return it whole but cooking just about stretched the limits of her comprehension and patience.  She felt like a cat appraising a cage; a wary trepidation taking hold.

“Come on now, Ruby this is so simple and I have bought something else to go with the book.”

Ruby inclined her head to one side her eyes brightening with mischief.  “A sexy cook’s uniform with suspenders and a thick wooden spoon I can use to slap that tight backside of yours as you fuck my cunt?”

Doc chuckled his cock thickening to an erect fullness within his pants. “Sounds real tempting but no.”

With exaggerated ceremony he placed a large box before her, on the side of the box in bold calligraphy were the words …

“Slow cooker.” Ruby’s incredulous eyes settled on Doc. “What happened to flowers or a box of chocolates?”

“This is better, its long lasting benefits will keep the household happy.”

“I thought my wet cunt was doing that.” Said Ruby a truculent edge creeping into her voice.  “I cannot cook and no cook book can teach me the impossible.” She swallowed her throat constricting, the sting of tears suddenly painfully close, “that was Hap’s job; he loved cooking, he even had the patience to try to teach me and we all know how that turned out.”

Doc’s eyes hit the ground for a moment the topic of Hap and his sudden disappearance remained a sore wound.

“Do you think he had enough of us, that he simply got up one morning and without a word walked away?”

Doc struggled to articulate his thoughts and failed.  Words these days were simply inadequate to say what he felt.  He took Ruby’s hand in his and squeezed tight.

“Do you think he’s safe and content?” She pressed.

“Sure.” Said Doc desperate to change the subject each question like a sharp nail against his chest. “Now about this gift, when do you think you’re going to use it?”

“Look, if you really want to have a meal free from food poisoning let Eva come help me.  She’s always offering to come over and give us a hand and she is very easy on the eye.”

The transformation was immediate. A wild fury swept into Doc’s eyes as he slammed his fist down on the table.

“Never. I will not have that woman under this roof!”

Ruby stared at Doc in shock. What had come over him?  Why was he being such a jerk!

“This is Eva of Eva’s Food store we’re talking about not some mass murderer. Every time I ask one of you guys to let me invite Eva over or even say her name this is the reaction I get.  What the hell’s going on?”

“I won’t discuss it, Ruby.”

“But I want to discuss it.” She persisted.

He stood up so abruptly he knocked the kitchen chair over. “You’d best get acquainted with the ingredients you’ll need for one of the meals I’ll expect tonight. I have work to do.”

Ruby grabbed the closest thing that came to hand. Wielding the heavy book she threw it with all her strength aiming for the thick stubborn irrational target better known as Doc’s head. She watched the book sale through the air a glancing blow clipping the side of his head. Ruby took a step back cursing her temper and good aim; what had she been thinking. These days Doc was so moody and unpredictable, prone to saying hurtful things only to go overboard in his attempts to say sorry later, buying truckloads of flowers and enough chocolate to float the moon.

Now his handsome face was unreadable, those brilliant blue eyes raking over her skin in a way that made her recently spunk filled pussy heat up once more. A flutter of nerves momentarily consumed Ruby as she watched Doc remove the belt from his jeans a wicked smile curling his lips as with his index finger he beckoned her over.

“That was uncalled for … seems I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.” The softness in his eyes twisted and became cold. Ruby swallowed feeling an edge of dangerous energy fill the room.

“Now come over here like a good girl and take your punishment.”

“It’s not your turn this weekend.”

Steel entered Doc’s voice. “And when Bashful was fucking you hard was it his turn?”

Anger flared in Ruby’s heart. “Grumpy told you…”

Doc in answer unbuttoned his pants. Ruby watched cunt pulsing with excitement as he pulled out his thick expansive cock his eyes hot with lust.

“I want a little of what Bashful had.” Not bothering with the general niceties of warming up her cunt, Doc pressed the helm of his cock against Ruby’s sweet lips; she eagerly obliged opening her mouth so that Doc could feed his long length down her throat.

“Now I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.” Twisting Ruby’s red gold hair around his fingers so that her face was aligned with his cock he reined her in the better to fuck her with the full force of his growing need. With a deep sigh of satisfaction Doc ploughed his solid shaft into Ruby’s eager wet mouth hole.  A mouth that had in the last few months become like a second pussy to Doc that he could fuck with serious abandon. With his other hand Doc ripped off Ruby’s dress cupping her large breasts, feeling her nipples tight and thick against the rough palm of his hand.

Ruby, mouth full of hot pulsing cock felt the slow trickle of pussy juice slick against her cunt as her excitement grew; this was what she wanted and always craved, this was her idea of heaven! There was the sweet salty taste of spunk as Doc’s cock filled her mouth drilling in deep thrusts until the helm of his thick rod was pressing against the very back of Ruby’s throat.

“That’s it, take it all my love.” Whispered Doc totally consumed by the need to fuck her beyond endurance.

Ruby fixed her eyes on Doc, cunt close to dripping, nipples crowning to a stone like tightness as she luxuriated in the experience of her mouth being fucked with a mean nasty force. She knew some women tended to choke and gag as they ate cock but any such issues had left Ruby long ago.  She moaned through a mouth full of prime manhood as Doc continued to ride her face pumping his shaft into her mouth until his balls slapped against her chin.

He closed his eyes sensing release wondrously close. “Now, promise me you won’t mention that Eva woman again … just moan if you agree.”

Doc waited but the only sound in the room was the wet to slick slamming of his cock as he fucked Ruby’s mouth.

“Ok, if that’s the way you want to play this.” Doc drilled his cock down Ruby’s throat with a little more force pressing her head against his member so tightly that he began to block Ruby’s nasal passage. He watched as she struggled for breath.  His excitement rising a notch at her obvious discomfort, he groaned rutting faster into her oral hole so close to climax now it was beginning to hurt.

“I said moan if you agree.” He pulled her head back; the better to watch her continue to suck hard at all he had to give.  He watched her shudder and squirm her eyes raw with rage her open mouth hole widening ever more to the pounding his cock was giving her.  Slowly Ruby released a low moan, the sweetest sound ever to Doc’s ears as with one last thrust he climaxed shooting his rich spunky load into Ruby’s mouth.

Doc well satisfied slowly pulled his big cock from the delicious tightness of Ruby’s mouth.  These days his tastes ran far wilder than he was openly willing to admit. He was not the man Ruby believed him to be. He was well aware of the new sadistic edge that flavoured his dreams when he slept.  He longed to chain and gag Ruby, have her submit to him in the most brutal of ways.  He’d wake bone hard with longing and dare not say a word or act on what he really wanted to do to the hot sexy woman by his side. He smiled watching as she licked the final traces of his spunk from her moist lips and glared at him those hot sultry eyes already doing havoc to his heart and cock once more as with regret he zipped his pants back up.

She was angry, these days that was most always the case. No amount of boning seemed to calm her down.  He cleared his throat righting the upturned chair that had fallen in his haste to fuck her.

“I don’t understand what’s up with you and your brothers! Talk to me.”

Ruby waited but Doc remained still, his handsome face stone cold as he watched her.

A furious crazy anger was beginning to burn deep inside Ruby that even fucking good and hard had failed to diminish.  Something was seriously up with her men.  She could feel it; from the tips of her toes to the throbbing ache that remained in her moist spunk filled cunt.  Ruby picked up the cookbook defiant eyes resting on Doc.

“Fine, be like that! I’m going to clean up then go into Town.”

She turned on her heel her ruined dress exposing the full sexy curves of her body, the roundness of her hot backside, the weeping juices of her cunt.

The growing hardness in his cock was becoming unbearable; Doc imagined the feel of her pussy as it took a firm hold of his shaft.  He closed his eyes and swallowed.  What was wrong with him; he’d not always been this tongue tied and foolish … why could he not tell her the truth. That Hap was gone most probably gone for good and that was sad, so sad it was eating him up inside as was the fact that he wanted to fuck her seven days a week; fuck her in a way that would bring her sweet serious pain.

Doc watched Ruby’s hot sexy body stride out of the kitchen conscious that with each step she seemed to take with her all the light and heat of the day.

Fetish Worship Erotica by Billierosie

fetish worshipSizedFETISH WORSHIP

The collection explores through fiction a variety of fetishes. A fetish for feet, voyeurs, exhibitionists, bestiality and lactation. “We ar so consumed with guilt about our sexuality if it differs from the, so called norm. Yet a person can have his or her life changed for the better once they embrace their fetish”billierosie

*   *  *



By Billierosie

Adam watched through the peephole he’d drilled in the wall, as his girlfriend, Josie, sank her slender, naked body, down onto his best friend’s cock. Her strong, belly muscles rolled, as her cunt stretched and clenched to accommodate him, swallowing him whole. She threw back her head, exposing the lovely line of her throat, her large breasts thrust forward, her long, curly, dark brown hair tumbling over her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, as she savoured the tension of her internal muscles gripping his cock. Her lips were parted as if in an exotic prayer. She arched her back and a tremor passed through her body.

Adam could sense, rather than hear, her long exhalation of relief. She quivered, and raised her arms, in supplication. She lifted her heavy mane of dark hair, as she raised and lowered her body taking the long, thick cock inside her. The man beneath her grinned and murmured some sort of endearment to her, as his pelvis pumped. He held out his arms; Josie smiled, reaching down to him linking their fingers. Adam bit his lip in annoyance. He’d said the bastard could fuck her, not have a conversation. Still, Josie fucked him, grinding her hips in a circular motion taking his cock up to the hilt.

Poor girl; she needed this. Adam rarely fucked her, he had other things on his mind. His slowly stroked his hard cock, as he looked lovingly at those other things now. Her beautiful, delicate feet. Her arched soles were uppermost. Adam ran his tongue over his dry lips as he imagined licking her curved instep. Her sweet toes were curled, anticipating the spasm of her first orgasm. He masturbated his erect cock.

Feet. For Adam, it had always been feet, for as long as he could remember. One of his earliest memories was of sitting underneath the big, oak table in his mother’s dining room, surrounded by ladies’ feet. He was just a toddler and his mother had no-one to leave him with at her monthly book club meetings. So he was allowed to crawl around under the table, as long as he didn’t make a noise. Adam never made a noise. He sat and listened to the women’s soft voices and laughter, as he sucked his thumb, lost in his own private heaven, gazing at, and inhaling the smell of women’s feet. Once he’d dared to touch a lady’s foot. He stroked the fine creamy skin curiously, marvelling at the delicate bones beneath. The lady had peeped down at the little boy beneath the table, and smiled.

Before their guests had arrived, he and Josie had lit candles around the sitting room. With the strong lighting turned off, the flickering light created a warm, intimate atmosphere. It cast delicate shadows beneath Josie’s breasts, over her tight belly and across her shoulder blades. She looked glorious in her naked abandon, like a crazed goddess.
It wasn’t the first time Adam had give her to his friends to fuck. But she’d never taken three men at a time before. She’d begged and pleaded with Adam for this to happen. It was her ultimate fantasy, she’d told him. Three men inside her at the same time. Adam didn’t get it. But if he understood anything, it was the primal need to fulfil a fantasy. It was the only way to meet an obsession. And the obsession was harmless, not hurting anyone.

If Adam had liked fucking as much as Josie did, theirs would be the perfect relationship. Even the scene before him didn’t turn him on. It didn’t disgust him either. As he watched his girlfriend being lusciously violated, he felt unmoved. What was feeding his huge erection, was Josie’s feet, clenched like claws, as she screamed out her orgasm.

The second man stood behind Josie, waiting his turn. His toned muscular frame, and the black hair that covered his back, belly, arms and chest, gave him the look of a predatory animal in its prime. His cock was massive, hard and erect. When he moved it slapped, bouncing against his belly. He knelt behind Josie, pushing her forward onto her partner’s chest. He now had easy access to her ass. Josie froze, motionless, as he drizzled lube into her crack, preparing her for an anal fucking. He slipped a finger into her anus, priming her with lube, and gently finger fucked her tight little puckered hole. Josie groaned with pleasure. He positioned his cock at her anal entrance, and pushed. Adam watched, coldly fascinated, as the bulbous cock head stretched her hole and opened her up, like a ripe piece of fruit.

Adam wondered how much cock she could take. She let out a long, low moan of what sounded like discomfort, as the thick cock slowly stretched her hole, pushing into her, inch by inch. The man behind her wrapped his arms around her. He caressed her breasts, and stroked her erect nipples. He pushed her hair aside and kissed and nibbled her neck. Then he took her quickly and roughly. Josie shrieked with shock as he slammed his thick cock into her, right up to the hilt. He snarled like a wild dog. Adam could hear her whimpers as the two men set up a rhythm fucking her. At first keeping perfect time with each other, then thrusting and pumping alternately. Despite his distaste, Adam considered whether the two guys fucking his girlfriend, could feel each other’s cocks through the delicate membrane separating her vagina from her rectum. That was totally sick, he thought.

Adam wondered how they had decided between them, who should have which hole. He’d wanted nothing to do with it. His friends already thought he was weird, giving his girlfriend to them for the evening. That was why he was watching through the peephole in the wall. They really would think he was a pervert, if he’d said he wanted to watch. Perhaps Josie had decided how it would be organised. It would be just like her, Adam thought, to feign indifference, while carefully manipulating whose cock she wanted to go where. She was crushed now between the two men, just a toy for them to fuck. Adam didn’t care. But just let them touch her feet and he would kill them all.

Slender ankles, legs crossed, legs uncrossed. A foot tapping. Strappy sandals and painted toenails during the summer. Victorian laces and high boots in the winter. Adam had learnt very early in his life, that anything to do with ladies’ feet turned him on. He recalled sitting, mesmerized, studying a fine, delicate golden chain around an equally delicate ankle. Once, one of his mother’s friends had worn a silver toe ring, with a tiny bell that tinkled when she moved. Dirty feet, clean feet, Adam wasn’t prejudiced. Even ugly feet held a fascination for him.

Speared on two cocks, Josie raised herself with difficulty onto her forearms, her mouth wide open, gasping, as the two men pumped her holes. It meant her shoulders were almost taking the full weight of the man humping her ass. For a slight woman, she was very strong. Perhaps the debauchery was pumping her with adrenalin, giving her power. A third man knelt before her, his cock hard, and ready to slide between her parted lips. She accepted him gratefully, almost as if she was receiving a benediction. The third cock was like the confirmation of a blessing to her, something holy. She closed her eyes. She really did look as if she were in a state of bliss. She made little animalistic whimpering noises as his cock pushed into her throat.

When he was much older, Adam had wondered if those alluring times, beneath his mother’s dining table had formed his fetish. Or could one be been born with a fascination for women’s feet? What weird gene could have been responsible? He recalled a summer, some years later, his sisters and their friends had worn bikinis at the swimming pool. His sister’s best friend, Susie, had the most beautiful feet Adam had seen in his short life. High arches and delicately carved ankles. Small perfectly formed toes. She’d painted her nails a pretty, pearly pink. Adam could have written poetry to Susie’s feet. He was still young enough to get away with stroking and tickling her feet. She’d giggled and teased him. Had he felt arousal even then? He remembered a sublime allure as he’d traced his fingers between her delicate toes. She had drops of water on her feet from the swimming pool. Adam had wanted to lap at them. Pretend he was Susie’s little, pet dog. But even then, in his innocence, he’d known that he’d be going too far. The others would either laugh at him, or be disgusted. That was the beginning of Adam’s secret. No one must ever find him out.

The orgy was working itself into a frenzy. Their bodies writhing, rutting like animals. Worse than animals, Adam thought. He could tell Josie was close to coming again. Her body had tightened and she was in perfect rhythm with the three men pumping her holes. The man in her throat pulled back and shot his spunk into her mouth. Josie gulped at him, trying not to spill a drop, but her orgasm surged through her, making her lose concentration, and she drooled spunk and saliva from the corners of her mouth. The men in her ass and cunt, climaxed into her more or less at the same time. All four collapsed on the floor, lungs heaving, gasping for breath, laughing hysterically. A gross tangle of limbs and genitalia. Once again Adam was annoyed. As far as he was concerned, fucking was purely functional. Like getting rid of an itch. It wasn’t supposed to be fun.

At last the three friends dressed and left. Adam left his post at the peephole and joined Josie in the sitting room. He didn’t understand why, but he was angry with her. He decided to sulk a little, to pay her out for enjoying herself without him. Then he felt mean. He knew it was pointless. He loved her so much and she was the only woman he’d ever met, who knew exactly how to please him.

He sat on the sofa and Josie, still naked and stinking of sex, sat at his feet. She lay back, her upper body on the floor, her lovely toes wriggling in his lap. Adam ran his fingers over her glorious feet. He closed his eyes. He would know Josie’s feet anywhere, even if he were blind. He raised one foot to his mouth and sucked on her toes. Such delicate little toes. Adam licked in between them. Josie giggled. He was tickling her. He smiled down at her. His cock was agonisingly huge. He ached right through to his balls and groin, with the need to come.

Josie knew what to do. She gripped his erection between her feet and masturbated him. Adam sighed a blissful sigh. He’d never met a woman who could turn him on like Josie. She’d turned masturbation and foot fetish into an art form. Adam held his cock steady as she ran her instep over his cock head, painting her foot with his pre-come. She tickled his balls with her toes, then gripping his cock with her feet again, she masturbated him furiously. She stopped, keeping him on the edge. Adam groaned with frustration. He looked down at the erotic sight of her perfect toes nestling in his pubic hair, stroking his balls. She pummelled him with her heels, then went back to stroking his cock. Adam whimpered and moaned as he floated away, a mess of exquisite sensations. A golden comfort enveloped him.

She curved both feet around his cock and masturbated him roughly. Breathing rasped, fists clenched jaw set.

And at last, at the end of the long evening, Adam came, jerking his spunk over Josie’s perfect little toes.

Fetish Worship can be purchased:

Amazon.co.uk   *   Amazon.com   *   Sizzle Editions

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billierosiePeople fascinate billierosie. What makes them tick; what are their secrets and lies. The effete guy in the bank; the blonde lady shopping in the supermarket, the elderly lady living in a care home. What stories could they tell? Perhaps erotic stories of sex, intrigue and fetish?

And fetish is high on billierosie’s agenda. The strange, haunting stuff that informs our darkest desires. It could be fur or feathers. Shoes, silk stockings, or toes. Poop or pee. An amputee’s stump. If we made a list it would go on for ever.

billierosie has been writing erotica for about two years; she has been published by Oysters and Chocolate, “The Wedding Dress.” She has also been published by Sizzler, in their “Pirate Booty” anthology. Also in their Sherlock Holmes anthology, “My Love of all that is Bizarre.” She is in Sizzler’s latest anthology; “Hunger” and she has been accepted for a new anthology to be published later this year by Sizzler, erotic tales of London town. She also has a collection of short, erotic stories, “Fetish Worship,” available as a download at Sizzler Editions and Amazon.

She has two novellas, both published by Sizzler Editions in 2012. They are available now as downloads; “Memoirs of a Sex Slave”. And “Enslaving Eli. And not forgetting her very first publication, “Fetish Worship”, a collection of erotica and fetish.

billierosie lives in a pretty village in England. She doesn’t fit with village life; certainly not the Women’s Institute. billierosie loves the theatre, Art, film, books and all things eccentric. billierosie plans to have fun and stay young, writing pornography.

billierosie can be found at her blog


Memoirs of a Sex Slave by Billierosie

Memoirs of a Sex SlaveSizedBLURB:

Billierosie tells the story of Elektra, recently consigned to live her final days at the Ravens’ House for the elderly, and her strange life with Mark, her larger-than-life dominant. Elektra’s love and sordid public encounters convey the woman’s aboslute affection for the older man in a manner only the most talented of authors can achieve.

The novella’s sexual nature is fast and nasty; it’s sure to please those who seek tales of forbidden, wholly carnal lust. Shared partners, multiple partners, degradation, humiliation; all play a part in the tale of a sex slave.



*   *   *


…the feeling of being filled in her rectum thrilled her with its very indecency; she wanted more. As if in a psychic response, the stranger pushed in another finger; she was  tight, but his persistence and the lubricant did their work. Then a third finger. She wanted him to rape her anus, defile her, right there in the middle of the club with everyone looking on.

Slowly he masturbated her rectum; pushing in, retreating, going further in with each push. Her pelvis pushed back on him. It was her body’s reaction to the strange new sensation. She was helpless, her body’s needs dictated the rules. She felt the flat palm of his hand on her buttocks. He was all the way in. Her rectum muscles gripped him tightly. He moved his fingers in a circular motion, stretching her as if in preparation for a man’s thick cock. Elektra trembled as he finger fucked her dirt hole. When he slowly slid his fingers from her, she felt bereft, empty and tears trickled down her cheeks. He moved around to face her and she watched him examine his fingers. She had emptied her bowels earlier in the day, but still his fingers were streaked with her dark excrement. He held his fingers to her mouth a silent order for her to lick them clean. Elektra lapped obediently. She could taste the lube that he’d used and something dark and  forbidden. The taste excited her and she slobbered over his fingers. A tremor of shameful disgust shuddered through her body like an electric shock; what was she becoming?

Memoirs of a Sex Slave can be purchased:

Amazon.co.uk   *   Amazon.com   * Sizzler Edition


billierosieBio: People fascinate billierosie. What makes them tick; what are their secrets and lies. The effete guy in the bank; the blonde lady shopping in the supermarket, the elderly lady living in a care home. What stories could they tell? Perhaps erotic stories of sex, intrigue and fetish?

And fetish is high on billierosie’s agenda. The strange, haunting stuff that informs our darkest desires. It could be fur or feathers. Shoes, silk stockings, or toes. Poop or pee. An amputee’s stump. If we made a list it would go on for ever.

billierosie has been writing erotica for about two years; she has been published by Oysters and Chocolate, “The Wedding Dress.” She has also been published by Sizzler, in their “Pirate Booty” anthology. Also in their Sherlock Holmes anthology, “My Love of all that is Bizarre.” She is in Sizzler’s latest anthology; “Hunger” and she has been accepted for a new anthology to be published later this year by Sizzler, erotic tales of London town. She also has a collection of short, erotic stories, “Fetish Worship,” available as a download at Sizzler Editions and Amazon.

She has two novellas, both published by Sizzler Editions in 2012. They are available now as downloads; “Memoirs of a Sex Slave”. And “Enslaving Eli. And not forgetting her very first publication, “Fetish Worship”, a collection of erotica and fetish.

billierosie lives in a pretty village in England. She doesn’t fit with village life; certainly not the Women’s Institute. billierosie loves the theatre, Art, film, books and all things eccentric. billierosie plans to have fun and stay young, writing pornography.

billierosie can be found at her blog