Her Leading Man by Adaline Raine

AR-HLM-Small-LettersGretchen Williams had finally been offered her dream job. After years of writing—screenplays, various freelance jobs, and erotic spanking romance—one of her book series had been adapted for television. She had been over the moon at the invitation to join the crew on set and overlook day to day operations.

Of course she never expected to wind up as the whipping girl. The main actress balked at the idea of a hand coming anywhere near her perfect round behind, and after some deliberations Gretchen offers up her derriere for showbiz . She never dreamed her bottom would be on display for everyone to see, but the bigger problem is the sudden attention from the male lead actor.

Tristan Callahan knew exactly what he was signing up for when he accepted the contract for a one year term, tentative for a second season at best. The subject matter appealed to him for a variety of reasons, ones he kept to himself. Until Gretchen throws a temper tantrum like a true diva. He takes her in hand, right in her own trailer, proving that he’s been doing very little acting so far.

They embark into a secret D/s relationship.

When photos of them together at a local BDSM dungeon surface and leak to the media, they find themselves with tough choices to make. Will their relationship overcome the scandal or is Gretchen doomed to say goodbye to Tristan in true Hollywood fashion?
Her Leading Man can be purchased from Amazon


2bbf71c8cc650a7e9d9ab3.L._V375561261Adaline Raine is an avid reader of spanking romance and is known for reviewing every book she touches!

Her favorite genre to read and write is paranormal. What’s sexier than a dominant shifter or vampire? She has also dipped her toes into AP, and contemporary stories.

Adaline has also become known for her love of creating graphics for others. She has designed custom banners and buttons for various blog hops throughout the community including “Spank or Treat 2013″;”Winter Spanks 2014”; “Summer Spanks 2014”.

Her exclusive feature, Addy’s Couch takes guests books covers and fashions them into a one-of a kind piece for fun or promotional purposes. Contact Adaline at brattyadaline at gmail dot com if you would like her to create something for you!

Adaline runs an active blog on blogspot brattyadaline.blogspot.com as well as a Spanking Romance board on Pintrest http://www.pinterest.com/adalineraine/

You can also find her on Twitter handle Adaline_Raine or on Facebook Raine.Adaline




“What the hell!?” she yelled as she jumped up to tell off whoever it was, but quickly shut her mouth when Tristan appeared on the top step.

Oh my God, what is he doing here?

He pulled the door shut behind him and focused completely on her. He didn’t look happy but at least his hair and clothing were dry. “Would you care to tell me what that was all about?”

Gretchen opened her mouth but closed it again unable to form the right words. She opened it again, but nothing could explain her actions.

Tristan always seemed so laid back, not even the tons of comments and stares from crew members flustered him. But now as he stood in her trailer with a scowl on his perfect face, she wondered about his reaction.

“I don’t kn…know,” she stammered. “I just had a bad day or something.”

“I know a temper tantrum when I see one. Give me more credit.”

She did give him a lot of credit. Gretchen wanted, no, needed him to complete the spanking he started before. But, how the hell could she approach him? He was just an actor, after all, playing the part.

“So, what? You’re not talking now? You sure had a lot to say before.” He took several quick steps to her, and to her immense surprise, grasped her chin. He tilted it upwards, similar to a scene acted out with Blondie, the lead actress, a few weeks ago. “Do you know what I do to women who stomp their feet to get a reaction?”

“Cut,” she muttered. “Line well delivered. Five big stars.”

His eyes darkened at her obnoxious put down,and in seconds she found herself in a position she would not soon forget. He released her chin only to wrap his well muscled arm around her waist and bend her over it. She thrashed, kicking her feet wildly. They were not on set and he had no right to tease her like this!

Dance Of Desire by Scarlet Darkwood

DanceofDesireebookThe House, a local asylum, harbors a dark secret, one that’s guarded with reverence and fierce protection. One side is for teaching select patients fine skills in ways of the flesh. Daren, an attendant at The House, breaks tradition by requesting to treat a patient from the other side, a world totally opposite his own. At nights, Serena thinks she’s alone, sneaking away to perform a steamy, unconventional dance routine in the moonlight; but Daren has been watching her with a lusty eye. Unwittingly, her sensual activities have riled his libido, and he vows he’ll take her to the heights of ecstasy, if she’ll agree to let him tutor her. What starts out as a mere tryst turns into problems as both fall prey to their own angst. Is Daren ready to leave The House, settle into a normal life, and take Serena with him? Does Serena have other ideas? Both tread lightly where emotions are concerned, while antics in the bedroom are no-holds-barred. Struck with an idea, Daren turns Serena’s experience upside down with an unusual plan he’s hatched. Sometimes plans don’t work the way they were intended to.

**Contains graphic scenes not suitable for some tastes**

Dance of Desire is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes


1477594_343083179167826_406596588_n1Scarlet Darkwood is an author with Booktrope, as well as an indie author publishing other material. For more information about the latest concerning Scarlet and her work, sign up for her newsletter.

Writing in several genres allows her to unleash her imagination in different directions, creating stories for different audiences. Always preferring avant garde themes, her stories will take the reader on an unusual adventure, exploring the darker parts of the human psyche. From a young age, she’s enjoyed writing and keeping diaries, but didn’t start creating novels until 2012. She’s a Southern girl who lives in Tennessee and enjoys the beauty of the mountains. She lives in Nashville with her spouse and two rambunctious kitties.

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“You’re quite lovely when you dance.”

“Thank you.” She fidgeted, shifting her body in different positions, wiggling her feet up and down and side to side.

“If I didn’t know better, Serena, I’d say you seem distracted. Am I keeping you from something?” He smiled. Their conversation had disrupted her routine.

“No, I’m fine. Just trying to get comfortable.”

Not one to discourage a woman’s routine, especially when it involved potential nudity, he continued. “You’re lying.” He took the liberty of running a finger lightly over her breast, feeling the stiff nipple beneath her dress. “After the first time with your friend, have you continued doing what I’ve seen, even once you got here, finding ways to satisfy yourself when staff weren’t looking and everyone was asleep? I’m sure in some ways, the old man was an added bonus.” He sat up, giving her a pointed look. “Tell me, Serena. It’s okay if that’s true.”

“Maybe,” she said, her voice cold.

“Good for you, that you know what you need. That’s the beauty of my job. I, too, understand what your body wants.” He rubbed tenderly over her other nipple.

Serena sprang up, gathered her scarf, and started to leave, but Daren, possessed with quick reflexes, pulled her down, pinning her tight between his muscular thighs.

“Get off me,” she cried out, reaching to strike a blow at him.

He caught her arms, pressing them back down against the ground. Keeping calm and collected, he said in a soothing tone, “Please don’t run away from me. I’m not trying to take advantage of you. I can help you exercise your spiritual and sexual appetite. You’re a beautiful creature.”

“Please stop. You’re hurting me.” She panted, small sobs catching in her throat.

“Serena, listen to me.” Daren’s tone became more insistent. “Let’s share in carnal pleasures together. You don’t need to fondle ugly old fools to get what you want. If you sign an agreement with me, I can take your body to the heights of ecstasy. I’m well-trained in what I do.”

Without waiting for any protest, he placed a hot, passionate kiss on her lips, slipping in his tongue for good measure. She relaxed against his grip, all her pent-up energy slowly releasing as she sucked his tongue, accepting him as he explored her mouth. He sensed her straining against his thighs. His balls ached. It wouldn’t have taken much coaxing from her to slip between her legs and plunge his swollen cock inside a hot, wet channel. But he was bound by protocol. Until he had her signature, he couldn’t do much more.

Daren ended this kiss. “So what do you say?”

With her arms free, she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair.

Taming Bad by Scarlet Darkwood

TamingBadebookResizedIs biology a friend or foe? This question plagues Newton Grenfield daily. He believes that a man’s virility is the key to his masculinity, his identity. One man’s abundance is another’s curse. Newton discovers how cursed he really is when his libido refuses to shut down, spurring him on in the continual search for the right woman who will welcome his advances in the bedroom. Overeager attempts at finding love fall flat, earning him not only a cold shoulder from the ladies, but an angry father who decides treatment at The House, the local asylum, will do his son good. There’s one catch to this treatment the father demands of Dr. James, The House physician. He wants Newton’s antics stopped—for good.

The doctor has a radical, fail-proof plan that will cut to the core of his patient’s masculine ideologies in more ways than one. Above all, Newton’s attendant must ensure he’s as much of a man when he leaves The House as when he entered it, by helping him hone his lovemaking skills in order to secure the lady of his dreams. One night, Newton meets a young woman wandering the halls of The House, and his life changes forever. He thinks he’s found the right one for him. When he experiences the ultimate change at the hand of Dr. James, he’s left with answering to a confused lover, and wondering if the treatment made a bad situation worse.

**There are graphic scenes and depictions that may not be suitable for sensitive tastes**

Taming Bad can be purchased from Amazon, B&N and iTunes


1477594_343083179167826_406596588_n1Scarlet Darkwood is an author with Booktrope, as well as an indie author publishing other material. For more information about the latest concerning Scarlet and her work, sign up for her newsletter.

Writing in several genres allows her to unleash her imagination in different directions, creating stories for different audiences. Always preferring avant garde themes, her stories will take the reader on an unusual adventure, exploring the darker parts of the human psyche. From a young age, she’s enjoyed writing and keeping diaries, but didn’t start creating novels until 2012. She’s a Southern girl who lives in Tennessee and enjoys the beauty of the mountains. She lives in Nashville with her spouse and two rambunctious kitties.

Authors, crafters, and entrepreneurs have a special place in her heart. She likes to help others in these areas, and appreciates creativity in all its forms. She’s happiest in her shop, where she sells retail, or in front of her computer creating the next entertaining story.

Scarlet can be found on her Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tsu, Pinterest and Goodreads



Daria stood back from the doorway, gazing at the nude man on the bed. One of his hands had been cuffed to the iron headboard. The other remained free. Since he was in a room, staff had wasted no time stripping him of his street clothes, according to House protocol. The cuffed wrist was unusual. Admits and cuffs went hand in hand with attendants deciding when and if to use them. Finding her new charge already tethered held an allure, nonetheless.
His brawny chest displayed strong ripples in the soft bedroom light, and from what she surmised, his face showed extraordinarily good looks—chiseled jaw line, and what looked like a succulent set of lips. Stretched out, he appeared at least six feet in height, with muscular thighs and equally developed arms. No wonder he radiated sex appeal.
Putting the conversation with Dr. James behind her, Daria turned her attention fully on Newton. With eager fascination, she watched as he toyed with his cockhead, fingering the tip. Apparently his trek through the halls had put him in the mood, and he’d wasted no time in imitating many of the inhabitants. He took special delight in stretching out his shaft and releasing, shifting his hips in pleasure when the flesh sprang back into place. Daria licked her lips, her loins heating up. Time to learn more about this bad boy and what made him so bad that his dad wanted him fixed once and for all.
No matter how sensual the interactions between attendant and admit, there remained one rule: no falling in love. Unbridled lust and sex were permitted. Attendants fully treated and cared for their admits, with everything from stern discipline to tender nurturing to basic physical needs, while offering their body for the admit’s learning purposes. Both enjoyed equal satisfaction in the process, engaging in domination and submission roles.
She took a deep breath, strolled into the room, and stood by the bed, gazing down at Newton with lusty eyes. His beauty came through equally well up close. Short cropped sandy hair, taut skin, lips turned into a faint grin. His bright gray eyes held a sullen irreverence, a look that burned through her when he turned his face. A paradox of hot lust mingled with a sting of uneasiness crept slowly through her body.
“Hi, Newton. I’m Daria. I’ll be your attendant during your stay here.”

Highlander Bride Taken (Scottish Erotic Tales #1) by Lynda Belle

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 10.54.48 AMWill a new bride go through with her wedding night? Even if the groom is 81 years old?

Or will someone else save her from this fate?

A highlander bride knows her duty. She is the bride price for peace. But after she notices her new nephew-in-law, she wishes her bridal night were with the other lord of the house. Will her wish come true?

Highlander Bride Taken is available from Amazon

*   *   *

Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night, I arrive on the scene. Greetings darling. I’m Lynda Belle. I’veScreen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.18.43 AM always been with you, stalking you when you go to sleep at night. I’m part of your subconscious, that naughty nasty part that wants to come alive with fantasies that would make your mother blush.

I’m here to take you to those places. I’ve been hard at work writing different new adult erotic stories to titillate and arouse you to new levels of erotic fantasy. This is the place to find all of my stories and connect with me. Welcome!

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He led me to stand before the people gathered in the courtyard. “Good morrow, my lady. This is my clan. They stand before you in welcome to claim you as an addition to our family.” The young man still held my hand as if I would break.

“Thank you for welcoming me. I stand before you a tribute bride for the peace and wellbeing of both our clans.” I tried to speak with the dignity my heritage gave me. I was representing my people. I knew my father and mother would be proud. Today I was to become a woman.

“Your brothers have already arrived to be witnesses for the marriage. The ladies are ready to prepare you for tonight’s ceremony.” He let go of my hand. I felt the cold reach my fingers where his strong hand had made warm.

“Thank you, my lord.”

“You may call me Lord McFarris.” My heart skipped at the mention of his name. Could it be? Was he to be my lord for tonight’s ceremony?

His next words sunk my heart. “My uncle is too fragile today to greet you. He can’t make it down to see you. He has sent me in his stead to welcome you. I am his nephew.”

“Thank you, my lord.” Hope sank as I realized my future nephew-in-law was standing before me. If only he was to be my Lord McFarris. But the words of my brothers rang true. Somewhere within the castle was the lord I was to marry, old and feeble, and I was to be his bride.

“Come, my lady, we shall prepare you for the festivities.” A woman stepped forward, a smile on her face. She was plump and motherly, as tender as my own mother. “I am his lordship’s sister. I will help you prepare for your bridal night.”

I walked towards her only looking back for a moment to say, “Thank you for the heartfelt welcome, my Lord McFarris. I look forward to making this my home.”

“I look forward to having you here, my lady.” His smile lit up his face, his chiseled jaw lighting a fire within me. My heart ached with a longing I’d not felt before now. I wanted him to take me tonight. My consciousness knew it would be wrong. But my future husband’s nephew made my desire flare to new levels. A wedding night would be unforgettable with him. But if found, what would his cousins and my brothers do to us?

As I walked away, I could feel his eyes follow me as I entered the corridor into the castle.

Ruby Ink by L. J. Wilson


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.44.12 AMBlurb: How far can seduction take you?

The answers unfold in Ruby Ink, the first Clairmont series novel. Aaron Clairmont has been granted an early parole.

He returns home to Nickel Springs and finds employment at Abstract Enchantment, a trendy new inn. But Aaron’s mind can’t let go of its predecessor, the vintage Rose Arch Inn, the setting for his passionate love affair with Ruby Vasquez.

Ruby—the girl he lost after his secret underworld life unraveled, shocking everyone who thought they knew him. Freedom comes fast at Aaron—a family desperate to reconnect, an employer cast as his savior, and the steamy memories he can’t escape. Just as Aaron surrenders to starting anew, he realizes the diabolical trap he’s been lured into—a fresh hell that makes prison look like a country club. Lives are at stake, his family and Ruby’s. Ruby Vasquez—the woman Aaron never thought he’d see again. The one destined to collide with his future.

REVIEW “A sultry, tantalizing story… intensely emotional and full of heart. L. J. Wilson is a discovery.” –Shannon McKenna, New York Times bestselling author

Ruby Ink can  be purchased from Amazon

*   *   *

ABOUT L. J. Wilson writes sensual romance for discerning book lovers. The Clairmont series novels, by design, blend sizzling romance with character driven plots. The seductive new series was inspired by requests from readers for more of the romance that is an integral part of her women’s fiction novels as Laura Spinella, Beautiful Disaster and Perfect Timing. Her mainstream work has garnered multiple awards, including the distinguished Golden Leaf and Golden Quill awards for Best First Book, as well as being name a RITA finalist. Written with a “best of” mindset, L. J. Wilson novels delve deeper into her characters’ relationships and romances while never sacrificing plot.


L.J. Wilson can be found on her website

*   *   *

 THE SERIES Ruby Ink  is the first book  in this sensual romance series—journeys of intrigue, seduction, and satisfying storytelling. The Clairmont siblings, known as the “Tribe of Five”—Alec, Aaron, Honor, Jake and Troy— are complex characters whose individual stories and intricate love lives drive these dynamic new novels. Things heat up fast with Aaron’s story and his broken love affair with the innocent Ruby Vasquez. Is Aaron the Clairmont who truly went bad? And was Ruby right to swear him off forever? Just as readers learn the stunning truth, another Clairmont mystery is in motion, unearthing the secrets and romance of Sebastian and Evie, the never married parents of the Tribe of Five. Set to the rhythm of edgy romance and spinetingling drama, the Clairmont series novels strike an unprecedented beat in the pulse of the romance market. Readers will want to be part of this family—five siblings, six novels, tantalizing romances and memorable, well-drawn characters. Watch for Book Two where the surprising and intimate story behind the Clairmont family legacy is revealed. Ruby Ink, Book One Release Date: March 31, 2015 Published by AB Edge, 2015 L. J. WILSON pen name of author Laura Spinella I give permission for any and all of the information below to be used to promote my books. I love visiting blogs! I’m available for interviews and guest posts – just drop me a note here. s LAURA SPINELLA NOVELS Beautiful Disaster Golden Quill Award, Golden Leaf Award, Best First Book, RITA finalist, Best First Book, 2012; Named a Best Book of 2011 at SheKnows.co

At Her Service by Shayna Snow

AtHerServiceebook_coverSometimes it takes a force of nature…

Kyle Callahan thinks he has life all figured out. After a winning season on the university football team, he’s studied, partied, and slept with willing women. And not necessarily in that order. After graduation, he’ll cap off four years as an Army ROTC cadet by becoming a Second Lieutenant.

Sarah Morgan thought she was getting an engagement ring. Instead, she got dumped for another girl. After throwing herself a pity party, she decides to make the most of the remainder of the school year. With two job offers in hand, she can afford to have some fun.

When a crazy spring storm brings them together, their last weeks of school develop into a series of steamy encounters. But when Kyle steps into the role of hero, Sarah discovers her knight-in-camouflage has captured her heart.

But their mapped-put life plans didn’t include each other. With graduation around the corner, are they ready to be tied down?


At Her Service is available from Amazon

*   *   *

ShaynaBWBLUEcroppedShayna Snow lives in the Midwestern United States, enjoying the changes of seasons and the crazy weather extremes, from blizzards to heat waves. She’s addicted to coffee and her Kindle and is hard-pressed to find a reason to read anything other than romance.

Shayna can be found:

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I’m going to die if Kyle doesn’t give me some relief in about zero point five seconds. His talented hands are all over my body, touching and shaping and kissing and sucking. Moisture pools between my legs and an ache starts deep in my womb.
He flexes his cock into my stomach and I stroke my hand over his denim-covered shaft. God, he’s huge. But my body is obviously ready, and he knows.
“You’re so wet for me, baby.” His fingers glide over the lace of my thong and dip beneath. I watch a sexy grin spread across his face as he strokes. “Bare,” he murmurs, pinching my nipple with his other hand. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier.” He slides his fingers to my pussy and rims my entrance.
I moan. “Such a tease.”
He drags his fingers through my slick folds to my clit and circles once. “No tease, baby. I’ll give you what you need.”
I writhe, desperate for his skin on mine. “I need you.” My fingers find his zipper and I pull down. His jeans drop from his narrow hips, leaving him in a pair of black boxer briefs that barely contains his huge erection. I grab him through the cotton and caress my way up.
He curses low and soft. “Shit, babe, you do that and I can’t wait to fuck you.”
“I don’t want you to wait.” I stroke him faster, then shove the briefs down.
His cock springs free, thick and heavy. It’s so big it juts straight out instead of up. I wrap one hand around the velvety steel and cup his balls with the other.
In a flash of movement, he grabs my hands and presses them to the door. He inches forward, nudging the tip of his cock between my thighs. Oh my god, so close.
“Sarah baby, I’m gonna fuck you hard and fast. Right up against this door. You ready for me?”
“Yes.” I try to wriggle, but there’s nowhere to go. My hands are trapped and if I move my hips, I get the torturing tease of his dick against my mound.
He releases me abruptly and reaches into the pocket of his jeans. He pulls out a foil packet, rips it open, and rolls the condom on. His hands go to my ass and he lifts. I wrap my legs around his hips and feel that thick shaft bump against my ass. He pins me against the door. Reaching down, I yank my thong to one side.
He rubs his cock along my folds and we both groan. “So wet and ready for me,” he grunts and positions himself at my entrance. I move a little to ease him in.
Inch by inch, he works his cock into my pussy. It’s been a while since I’ve had sex, so I’m tight, but my body stretches to accommodate him. “You feel so good,” I whisper. I’ve never taken a cock this big.

Masked Obsession- Part I

175x263-MO-I-coverThough the devastating breakup with Donte Carrera still haunts her after five years, Erika Anderson, an African-American senior advertising account executive, opens herself up to the possibility of a relationship with Fernando Vega, her sexy best male friend.

Fernando and Donte share more than being notorious Latino playboys, wealthy business owners and sons of cartel bosses. Both men are obsessed with Erika and will stop at nothing to have her. Neither of them could have predicted sharing that obsession with Donte’s best friend, Kevin Jackson.

Ever patient and observant, Kevin has wanted Erika from the moment he saw her at one of Fernando’s college house parties and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get her.

The past threatens the future as lies are revealed, secrets are uncovered and passions are ignited.

An excerpt from Masked Obsession can be read HERE.

Masked Obsession can be purchased from Amazon


*   *   *

Kendall Michelle has a B.S. degree from Virginia Tech and currently lives in Central Virginia with her indulgent husband of a hundred years. She admits she doesn’t know exactly how many years they’ve been married but it’s closer to twenty years than a hundred. Writing romance isn’t new to Kendall Michelle. She still has the first romance she wrote in middle school. Granted it’s a far cry from the various subgenres of erotic romance she writes now. When Kendall Michelle isn’t reading or writing what she lovingly calls borderline smut, she spends her time sipping wine, tackling decorating/home improvement projects and obsessing over what’s for dinner. Not necessarily in that order.

Kendall can be found:

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Naughty Wife’s Surprise (Naughty Wives 2 series) by Reed James

naughtywives2coverBlurb for ‘Naughty Wife’s Surprise (Naughty Wives 2)’

It’s Friday again, and Frank and Evie are looking to have more naughty fun. Last week, everything changed for the couple. Frank had watched his wife be very naughty with the Black cop, and he learned just how hot it was to watch her with another man. But now its Frank’s turn to have some fun, and he wants to bring another woman into their bed. After last week, Evie’s more than happy to do whatever her husband wants, she’ll even be his slave, and find out just how much naughty fun two wives can get into.

Contains explicit depictions of bondage, cheating, domination, spanking, threesomes, oral sex, anal sex, and wife watching.

The exciting, and very explicit, sequel to ‘Roleplay Gone Wrong’ coming out 5-19, and available for pre-order.


Naughty Wife’s Surprise is available:

Smashwords  |  All Romance Ebooks

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AuthorPicReed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. “I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others.” He’s been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

“I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it’s a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationshiops, it will be a hot, erotic story!”

For his day job Reed drives a paratransit shuttle, helping the disabled and senior citizens get around town. “It can be both a rewarding and stressful job in turns.”

Reed can be found:

Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Blog

*   *   *

Exceprt from Naughty Wife’s Surprise

“The safeword is ‘matrimony’,” Frank said when she answered her phone.

“Okay,” she answered, and a thrill filled her—more bondage!

“Okay, Master,” he snapped.

“Sorry, Master!” she gasped. Pleasure shivered through her body straight down to between her thighs; he sounded so strong, so powerful. She pressed her thighs together; her clit suddenly aching.

There was a sound in the background, like someone sucking on a lollipop.

“In the trunk of your car is an outfit,” Frank continued; his voice grown husky. “You will strip naked right there in the parking garage, and put it on.”

She hesitated. She wasn’t alone in the parking garage, and the thought of some stranger seeing her naked only made the ache between her legs grow. “Yes, Master,” she purred, surrendering control to her husband.

Blonde Pussy Champagne by Melissa Markwell

Front Cover BPCSynopsis:

“Following an unexpected detour and a failed blackmail attempt earlier that day in Charlotte’s office, Melissa returns home to yet another blazing row with Emz, her long-time and long-suffering girlfriend.

That same night, and against Melissa’s direct orders, Emz plans to turn the tables with a fun-packed detour of her own with Stacey, her hot blonde date for the evening.

Imagine Melissa’s surprise when Stacey turns up on her doorstep shortly after Emz leaves.

Things take an even more bizarre twist when Emz finally returns home worse for wear in the early hours of the morning. Melissa greets her with all the sordid details of her no-holds-barred encounter with Stacey. Emz swiftly counters it with news of her own adventures from that evening. With Melissa in a rage, Emz is forced to spill and ultimately pay a heavy price for her actions.”

Warning: For 18+ readers only. Includes: explicit lesbian sex and seduction, strong language, verbal & physical abuse, coercion, humiliation & discipline. It’s a typical fun-filled night for Melissa, where typically anything and everything goes.

Blonde Pussy Champagne is available on:


* * *

Bio : I’m Melissa. I’m 22… I live in London (yay!)… and I love making out with girls… partying… author pic MMdancing… Smirnoff Ice… making my girlfriend/s insanely jealous… and (most of all) I love being me and I absolutely love being a real dirty bitch.

Basically, I’m the girl your parents warned you about, only much much worse.

So lay back, relax & enjoy yourself while you read my stuff. And as you’re doing that, I’ll take you gently by the hand and drag you giggling & screaming into the hallowed depths of uncensored debauchery & depravity… and maybe to a few other places you’ve never visited before.

And by the way, you can get hold of the first 5 books in the series (listed below) for FREE at my website – www.InBedWithMelissa.com – featuring: “The Insane Real Life Adventures Of an Out-of-Control Girl-Loving Slutty Hot-Ass Dirty Nympho Bitch…” – including:

#1: The Action Starts Here
#2: Girlfriend (in a threesome)
#3: The Bitch and The Curse (Part 1/3)
#4: The Bitch and The Curse (Part 2/3)
#5: The Bitch and The Curse: The Climax (Part 3/3)

Better still, you can read them any time on your iPhone, tablet or any other mobile device you have. Yay!

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“An intense erotic tale of lesbian sex and seduction, and with copious amounts of coercion, humiliation, deception, discipline, punishment & domination thrown in for good measure. It’s definitely more akin to “50 Slaps” than “50 Shades”! — PP.

The Worst Dilemma by Muhammed Sokhna

The Worst Dilemma CoverBlurb: The spark of all dilemmas is lies and deception.

Bio: Throughout Mr. Sokhna life, he searched for a purpose. At the age of eighteen, he went through some tough times. His girlfriend left him, his finances were not where they needed to be, his family was struggling to make ends meet, he lost my hope scholarship, and was desperately trying to find out what was his purpose here on earth. The depression within him started to build and lead to an attempt of suicide.
With the love and support of his family and close friends, he slowly climbed back on his feet, but there was still one remaining problem. He still did not know what his purpose was, until he had a vision.
Something within him told him to write down his story. There was resistance, but he followed the hunch. Five thousand words turn into ten thousand. Then ten turned into twenty thousand. Then all of a sudden, twenty thousand words turned into over forty thousand words. He recognized that he found his true passion. It was pic1something that will challenge him. It was something he was yearning for all his life. It was something he could call “his own” and that something was writing.
Mr. Sokhna’s purpose is to ignite the creativity within people and help them realize that life is much more than what meets the eye. He wants his readers to know that all that we ever done and all we will ever do in this world is just the tip of this iceberg of what could have been done in this life.
The Worst Dilemma Series is one of the three ways he likes to channel his talent to the world. Being able to create erotic content that make people blush is not only pleasing to him, but it makes him more humble to evolve the craft of literature. Mr.Sokhna will continue to strive to bring more enticing content through The Worst Dilemma Series. A series that will shed light on some of the toughest situations people go through in life, with the added bonus of erotic content.

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